Miserable story of ‘The Duo’

“Life is like a 6-slice apple pie at a 12-guest dinner banquet. If you just sit back and wait for it to come to you, chances are, you’re going to miss dessert.”  ‘The duo’ of  Shahbaz Sharif and Chaudhry Nisar has suffered the same big time.

Senior members of PMLN, right after the disqualification of Nawaz Sharif, had been conceiving Shahbaz  as the next prime minister and Chaudhry Nisar as the chief minister Punjab. Putting political optimism aside, conception was logical and viable due to many perspectives.

Both have consistently enjoyed the luxury to be in good books of establishment, even in grappling periods of Nawaz Sharif. Senior journalists have rightly claimed that Shahbaz Sharif and veteran PPP leader Makhdoom Amin Fahim were offered premiership by Pervez Musharraf but they refused courteously, owing loyalty to their leadership. Right after disqualification of Nawaz Sharif previous year, Shahbaz Sharif enjoyed a “clean chit” in Hudabia Paper Mills case, hiding behind technicalities.

Few months before, PMLN had much better ‘lot’ of candidates than other contenders who defeated their rivals by a massive margin in 2013.  PMLN government was being portrayed as a “Relative success” in Punjab due to better energy situation and massive cut in oil prices than previous five years, though being lucky due to global ‘cut off’  in petroleum prices. ‘Loyal bureaucracy’ had been proving to be impregnable inertia in political success of PMLN in Punjab. ‘Thana Kachahri’ politics of Punjab is greatly influenced by bureaucratic cooperation and it had been ‘all’ for PMLN since 2007.

So, had all been flowing smoothly, PMLN lead by Shahbaz Sharif could have won around 90 seats from Punjab comfortably. Having strong anti PTI allies (MMA, PKMAP, NAP, ANP) and ‘ever ready’ independents from Baluchistan and Sindh, Shahbaz Sharif could have easily gathered the required number (136). Vacuum generated for CM Punjab would have easily filled by senior companion Chaudhry Nisar Ali Khan, having a strong’ internal’ and ‘external’ lobbing and long streaked administrative experience of ‘internal affairs’. This is exactly what was planned by ‘The duo’.

But everything went wrong on real life cinema screen. ‘The plan’ was all about Shahbaz and co. leaving nothing for ‘Maryam Nawaz’. This is where Kalsoom Nawaz turned the tables against ‘The duo’ but in ‘unintentional’ favor of Imran Khan. Shahbaz Camp was taken by the ‘shock’ when Nawaz Sharif launched ‘Mujhe Kyu Nikala’ movement, arguably a political ‘suicide’ for the camp. Shahbaz and Nisar were literally ‘seized’ by containers of confrontation. ‘Take over’ that clearly looked on the cards was gradually prolonged. Sources have clearly unveiled that ‘The duo’ was asked to take a substantial position, practically not verbally, separating themselves from ‘The Hawks’ but ‘The duo’ failed miserably. Their ‘inability’ to take big decisions was completely exposed that paved the ‘red carpet’ for PTI and Imran Khan.

Shahbaz Sharif has been hammered in the back by nobody but his ‘own’ brother. There is left nothing much on the plate for ‘Sharifs’ in coming election. Their winning horses have flown away. ‘Khatam-e-Nabuwat’ movement and ‘Pro-Indian’ image of Nawaz Sharif has completely demolished their reputation at grass root level. Religious parties have parted their ways. ‘Reliable bureaucracy’ have already smelled the smoke after Ahad Cheema episode.  The only ‘positive’ that Nawaz Sharif is eyeing at is the ‘prison’ to himself and Maryam that could potentially launch Maryam as the serious contender of premiership after a few years from now when the dust settles down. But the important question is who will be the real loser after the lights are switched off? Finger definitely points towards ‘The duo’.

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    false logic, no facts to support thesis, waste of time.

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