Things To Learn From The Royal Wedding

The royal weddings have always been the most watched Television broadcast all around the world and this ritual continued this time as well. According to a report, more than two billion people all around the world watched the live telecast of the Harry-Meghan wedding. It shows that we are in love with the weddings. Isn’t it?

Weddings are fun but when this fun enters into our desi world it turns into an emotional melodrama. I have always been a fan of English weddings where the marriage revolves around the couple. They are given preference in everything from finding their soul mate to the selection of their wedding dress and the rings. In our culture, you are free to choose your wedding dress but not your life partner. Though the situation is changing now that change is very slow. Change is always slow so don’t worry just keep the hopes high.

We can take many things from the royal wedding to make ours a memorable event for the couple rather than a lesser phuppo-manao-event.

Embrace the different

Prince Harry is a rebel like his mother Princess Diana. The lady he married is three years older than him, divorced, mixed race and an American actress.

In our desi world, these issues are the biggest at the time of marriage and guess for whom? Who doesn’t have anything to do with this marriage. many of the families don’t allow their child to marry their love because the love belongs to the different cast. We reject girls on the basis of their color and boys on the basis of their height or income. Or we just reject the choice of our children because it is their choice.We feel pride in getting our children married to the strangers who they get to see on their wedding night. We call this our parampara which should not be broken at any level.

Be confident in your skin

The one thing which inspired me the most in this wedding was the bride’s look. Meghan Markle chose to have a no make-up look as she walked down the aisle. Her freckles seemed to boost up her confidence and made her the real Meghan who prince harry loves.

Our brides are pressurized to be as flawless as they can be on their wedding day, they starve themselves to look thinner. They get the injection into their skin to get rid of the pimples. They apply ubtan to make their skin color brighter and smooth. Can we please break this stereotype of gori chitti bahu and accept our ladies as they are?

Don’t forget the bigger cause

Prince Harry and Meghan Markle invited seven charities to their wedding. The couple asked for donations to the charities, they had chosen, instead of traditional presents.

We also have the salami culture. Salami is normally considered a payback amount. If your parents had given salami on a wedding it’s most likely that the family will pay the same amount to you on your wedding.  At some traditional events, you will even find a man or woman sitting right next to the bride or groom and writing the amount of money each relative is giving as salami. We can be the first drop of rain and follow the steps of Prince Harry and Meghan Markle and donate all the salami we get on our wedding to a cause we are passionate about.

West has its own culture and civilization which is evolving with the time. They are accepting the modern ideals which can make them better as human. We should also embrace their worthy values and get rid of those rotten old values and customs which are giving us nothing but tension.

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  1. hamza says

    one in five women have been sexually assaulted in England. Each country, each province, each city , has their own culture, own norms, own values. so we are 100 times better than civilized west. there are many fat girls in this country but they got handsome husband

    1. Tehreem Azeem says

      do you get any data how many slim women get married to men with big tummies? do you have any data how many women leave their career just to wash clothes at their groom’s house?

      1. hamza says

        i know only one thing we are hundred times better in all ways from wast. and i can prove it our society is best.

      2. hamza says

        if many women finish their career its not a big deal there are many men who worked in 40 c temperature for their family.

  2. akmal says

    one thing the royals have in common with pak culture ,the mother inlaw(the queen)had her daughter finished off in a car accident & in pak it something else ,so there is similarity

    1. Tehreem Azeem says

      hahahaha I was not expecting this comment from a male.

  3. Farooq says

    I completely disagree with the writer. She is just a blind follower of the west or, at least, is in the after effect of watching or listening about this event. I think we should be proud of our religion and identity rather than be ashamed of it. Our religion doesn’t allow us to let the male/female free mixing before getting married. There is no shame in meeting your wife for the first time on your wedding night. I would request the writer to just go back and compare the divorce rate of the “free” society she is taking us to with the society we are living in. The most stable society is the one with the least divorce rate. While Islam allows the two (boy and girl) to see and even talk in the presence of their parents. So, instead of taking the right path and letting them meet in the presence of elders, the writer is taking bad to worse by suggesting “love” and stuff. What nonsense is this man? How many more generations you want to destroy with these satanic concepts? I agree that in our society some people are following the culture blindly not looking at Islam. But the need is to educate them with Islam not with more “Kufr”.

    Thank you

    1. Tehreem Azeem says

      Sir even the prostitutes, now a days, try to see their client before going on bed with him/her.

      1. Farooq says

        If your target is to become a prostitute then I wish you good luck, not every girl has the same goal as you.

        Thank you

        1. Farooq says

          And its not about having sex and stuff, its about the belief that your parents can choose a better life partner for you as they are more experienced than you. On the other side, I don’t say that you should always let them decide whatever they want. You, as a person (whether male or female), should always have a voice and the right to object if you see that they are at fault. But you can’t come up with ridiculous excuses like one of them is, I don’t want to get married. Really? are you serious? or you are not able to translate your inner self. I strongly believe its the second reason. So, Islam has all the options open but its our society which has thrown away Islam for their culture and now some of the reformists think that those ‘faults’ should be replaced with western “failed” values. While I agree that we should learn from US and others in terms of development but we should be very careful that we don’t misjudge science and technology with western culture. Their culture is dying its own death and it can be one of greatest blunders of a nation to follow them there.

          Thank you,
          Have a good day

          1. Tehreem Azeem says

            well, that’s your opinion. Like you don’t want me to impose my opinion on you (which I am not doing by the way) similarly you don’t have the right to impose your opinion on me or anyone else. If you like something go for it. do not expect the whole society to follow you on your footsteps. I mentioned the same in my blog, we all have the freedom to select our wedding dress but not soul mate because we have the wisdom to differentiate between a good and bad wedding dress but not the human. wao… it clearly shows that the parenting has failed in our culture. we are not even good enough tot each our kids about the people and the society.

        2. Tehreem Azeem says

          well, I just feel sorry for you. You are even not able to comprehend the simple things. if you think that the man should see his lady on the wedding night and vice versa then go for it, keep this parampara in your family until your daughter comes to you and tell you that she got AIDS because her husband who she met on her wedding night was suffering from it.

          1. Farooq says

            LOL! upon hearing someone having your IQ level is feeling sorry for me.
            Where did I impose my opinion over you btw? Parenting is already failed but at your Qibla and destination (US & west). Alhamdu lellah in all Muslim countries it is still strong. And in good Muslim families, no marriage takes place before the consent of the boy, the girl, the boy’s wali (parents or guardians) and the girl’s wali (parents or guardians). So, any person with a sound mind can say that a marriage that takes place with more people involved and taken into confidence will be more stable. And that’s the ‘secret reason’ of low divorce rates in Muslim countries. Now, I’ll also tell you the problem with your mindset. Your mindset says that we should be given freedom to have sex with whoever we want and whenever we want. Honestly that’s exactly what the animals are already doing. So I think by this definition they are more civilized. Isn’t it?
            Idk if u r Muslim by name ’cause the number of namesake Muslims is now in millions unfortunately. But if you are a good Muslim then go and do a little research about this issue in Islam. Read Quran and Hadith a bit. Your mindset will develop. Again, I would say I am not imposing anything over you. Just suggesting if you want to take it, good. If you don’t wanna take it, again good for me. And it is not our duty but to convey the message.
            P.S. It is not necessary that you see your wife on wedding night but there is no shame in it either.

            Goodbye and have a good time.

  4. anjum gillani says

    excellent article tehreem ! very true judgment and comparison .

    1. Tehreem Azeem says

      Thanks much.

  5. Sammy says

    A good piece of writing highlighting problems we face because of staying stereotype. Marriages without the consent of a girl or boy create many problems and in our society i have seen many forced marriages. Many girls are living their lives in a hell like environment. similarly marriage without knowing the pros and cons of your life partner is not a wise idea. There must be a good understanding between bride and groom to live a healthy life and family.

  6. Gameicreate says

    Awesome royal wedding ever. Great selection of wedding outfits and rings for royal wedding. I am glad to here that invites a seven charities in royal wedding ..keep it up prince. Congratulation prince harry and meghan markle.

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