Orange Line: Been there, Done that!

The mesmerizing historical sites of Lahore, prominently the Shalamar Gardens, Chauburji, and Lakshmi Building are giving a fascinating look, and adding to it, the Government of Punjab yesterday has achieved a historic feat in Pakistan’s transport sector with the successful test run of Orange Line Metro Train (OLMT).

Despite a massive power breakdown that hit half of the country, the people from all over Pakistan looked very excited and happy because it is an achievement not confined to a particular city, it is the achievement of a whole nation.

The great thing about OLMT is that it is designed keeping in view the needs of a common man. Whether it is a worker, teacher, bureaucrat, student, doctor, women and old person, all will now have the provision of a state of the art transport facility in a nominal price.

The pleased expressions of the Chief Minister Punjab Mian Muhammad Shehbaz Sharif, who himself boarded the metro train from Islam Park Station for the test run to the Lakshmi Chowk, superbly defined his determination and vision that played an integral part to this project’s success.

This amazing 27.12 Kilometers long project starts from Ali Town and ends at Dera Gujran. Significance of OLMT can be measured from many astounding facts. It is the first foreign funded project in Pakistan, whose local civil works are completed totally by Pakistani engineering companies, for which the Punjab government convinced the Chinese government. Secondly, it is important to mention that in an international funded agreement, the country which is funding a specific project, they themselves award the contract to their particular company for its supervision. Again on this aspect, the Punjab government successfully negotiated with their Chinese counterparts to also award this contract through a bidding process, as it saves massive money. In this whole process, the Punjab government managed to save Rs75 billion, which undoubtedly is a huge accomplishment.

On this auspicious moment, Mian Shehbaz called OMLT not just a development project, rather it is the manifestation of democratic resolve to serve the common man. He added that the OLMT project will transform people’s lives, and this project will become the basis of an interaction between different classes of society by creating a sense of equality and ownership in social terms.

The CM Punjab hailed his team on saving Rs75 billion on OLMT project, and said that the National Accountability Bureau (NAB) should acknowledge this superb achievement of the Punjab government. Mian Shehbaz also congratulated the former Director General (DG) Lahore Development Authority (LDA) Ahad Cheema, who worked exceptionally hard on this project, and is also famous for his magnificent work during Lahore Metro Bus project’s making. Leaving aside this fact that Ahad Cheema at the moment is facing cases in NAB, it is a great gesture of Mian Shehbaz that he remembers every member of his team for the great work they did.

Adding to it, the time on the mentioned distance route previously took 2.5 hours, and with the completion of this project, this time is now reduced to 45 minutes. The salient feature of this OLMT is its super comfort, and also the passengers will get a great air-conditioned transport facility in an affordable price. Moreover, this project is specifically designed to reduce the environmental pollution, and solving transport issues and traffic problems of the city.

The media of Pakistan gave this test run a splendid coverage. Particularly, the electronic media discussed positive aspects of OLMT during their news bulletins and talk shows, and indeed it gave a heartening feeling that media has taken a break from its sensationalism approach, and is projecting positivity being happening in Pakistan.

One must not forget that the project got a 22 month delay in the judicial process. However, the Punjab government must be appreciated to have managed to complete this project in time despite the time loss.

Once again, without a doubt, it is the Chief Minister Punjab that deserves a huge round of applause for initiating and firmly completing a project that will upgrade Lahore to the level of a modern metropolis with world-class infrastructure. It is simply all about vision about which the renowned American philanthropist Thomas Fahr Steyer, once used these brilliant words, Clarity of vision is the key to achieving your objectives.”.


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  1. Dr. Asad says

    What a joke.. people who don’t have clean water to drink, a good hospital where the “Sharifs” can go to get treatment has managed to borrow (money of which they don’t want to declare the terms) now have metro to get appreciation from “Mphil” graduate. Illiterate graduates of Pakistan.

  2. akmal says

    wow thank u mr CM for not providing any basic facility,s & also for u and gang of chors for looting pak & thank u writer for being so naive as praise a chor , and while pple like are there to praise pple they keep looting

  3. Altaf says

    Hoping the election will reflect on comparative performance like this and not manipulated by aliens. PTI’s propaganda mill can not compete with performance, so they rely on negative approach.

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