For Nawaz Sharif, It Is The Power That Defines Statements

Three-time Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif’s way of politics has changed utterly. Most of the people did not expect him saying whatever he said in this recent interaction with media and public. PML-N politics has become complex and in future it seems to be getting more complicated. Everything was fine when Nawaz Sharif was in power; although his party is still in power for some days, but Nawaz does not believe so. Before he disqualifies in Panama Case, everything was under control; extremists were neutralized; foreign terrorists were crushed with the assistance of security establishment; Pakistan was on the way of becoming Asian Tiger. But now nothing seems to be all right. Everyone is wrong except Nawaz Sharif.

There was time when Shahbaz Sharif used to beg non-state actors, Taliban, not to carry attacks in the Punjab. These are the same non-state actors which were nurtured by Zia-ul-Haq and Nawaz Sharif used to consider him his political mentor. He further claimed that he would carry on Zia’s unaccomplished agenda.

Whenever Nawaz Sharif is in power, everything is all right and whenever he is out of it, nothing works fine. What type of relationship this is? Is it the power, in the shape of premiership, which drives Nawaz Sharif’s politics? To a large extent this is true.

The result of the upcoming general election is not yet evident, but if PML-N wins and forms the government in centre, and if it gets majority in the parliament, firstly it will try its best to get rid of article 62 and its subsidiary provisions. Moreover, the entire party will focus over reelecting Nawaz Sharif as Premier for another time. Unless he becomes premier, nothing will work fine in the country. And as he becomes premier, everything will be in control. Pakistan will again be on the path of development. The same non-state actors will vanish. Relations with the army will be fine-tuned.

Nawaz remembering non-state actors at this time will serve various purposes. He clearly wants to pressurize the national establishment, judiciary and army, and wants to appease the international one, India specifically.

On the other side, the current premier Khaqan Abbasi is victim of confusion. The government of PML-N is unable to pose a unified position. Khaqan Abbasi in National Security Committee (NSC) meeting rejected what Nawaz said and after that he bluntly uttered that he stood by his statements and his non-actor’s part was distorted. He even claimed that Nawaz Sharif is the most righteous man. He rejects things at one forum and supports the same in another. What sort of government is it, which denies its own policies and statements? In fact, the whole government is the victim of “toor-maroor.”

When people start following a person, supposed to be their Messiah, blindly, the result comes in the shape of the current government of Pakistan. When logic and rationality is rejected, the truth is rejected indeed.

It is evident that Nawaz Shairf is creating confusion even for his supporters by giving irrelevant statements. It is getting difficult for them to defend him in public and in TV talk shows. At this time when NAB is proceeding against him, he should have been persistent and consistent and asked other to remain the same.

Yet again, it is all about power; once it is gained, nothing goes wrong, and once it is taken away, everything becomes a mess. A sorry state of affairs is that ultimate loss will be of the country and the people who do not posses flats in developed world where they could reside in case things get worse in Pakistan.

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