Top 3 Ways To Reduce Weight This Ramadan

The prophet PBUH said, “A human being fills no worse vessel than his stomach. It is sufficient for a human being to eat a few mouthfuls to keep his spine straight. But if he must (fill it), then one-third of food, one third for drink and one third for air.” [Ibn Majah]

Might I say more?

Eat less, drink more water and exercise—that is the bottom line.

Now going into specifics,

Eating less means take small meals and eating slowly. Leave some empty space in your tummy once you get up.

Stick to proteins, vegetables, eggs,  fruits. lean meat(chicken, fish), red beans, lentils, chickpeas, skimmed yogurt, olive, vegetable, coconut oils,  peanut butter, green salads, fruit salads, tofu, whole wheat grain are all acceptable. Anything that grows out of the earth is fine.

Anything that doesn’t have processed sugar or its products would be acceptable. Sugar makes you fatter, slower, unhealthy, unhappy and prone to cancer. It’s considered poison in some cultures.

Chapattis, parathas, milkshakes, steaks, junk food, fizzy drinks, chocolates, excessive dates, jalaibi, pakoras, Samosas, French fries, pasta are a big NO!

Then drink lemon water, Lassi and even whey protein shakes; eat watermelon or skimmed milkshake for sehri / aftari. Drink lots of these fluids. I mean at least 8 glasses in 24 hours, especially before attacking food on the table. One layer of clear water sitting in the stomach will help keep the calories burning quickly.

If you must drink something sweat then pour in a sachet of ORS to keeps the electrolytes up and keep you alert. Avoid tea or green tea as they are diuretics and you don’t want that in this blistering heat.

Next is exercise. I cannot emphasize this more. You start exercising this Ramadan and I promise you your life will change. Just 30 minutes of brisk walking on the treadmill or the local park, where you sweat out a little and your heart rate jacks up, will do wonders.

Schedule exercise after Dinner time to keep the metabolism going.

Swimming does not reduce weight; it only stimulates the appetite to make you crave more food. Although swimming regularly and avoiding overeating afterward will build you, hands down, the best figure possible, in any exercise regimen.

As our body has been designed to run and hunt over long distances, all our internal systems take cue from this activity. Running will sharpen all your instincts to make you a better hunger gather and you will lose weight in the process.

Alternating between brisk walk, running and swimming would be a good idea. You have to take up one physical activity. Jogging for 30 minutes at a uniform easy pace burns 400 kCal. If you have a daily intake of 2000 kCal, this jogging will neutralize the extra calories. The bonus would be the ‘after burn’ that lasts the next 24 hours.

The right way to reduce weight is to focus your mind and soul on the essence of Ramadan — which is giving, compassion and purity. Concentrate on spirituality, give to the poor and needy with your own hands, and demonstrate compassion by living with the poor and destitute.

Have a higher purpose and you will lose weight; have a purpose greater than yourself and you will look great in your own eyes— the ones that really matter.

Take the focus away from ‘me’ to ‘them’ and you are on the path of enlightenment— which entails shedding extra baggage — including weight.

And if you want a one-way ticket to the hospital then try this.

Good luck!

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