My Awesome Ramadan resolution in Pakistan

“Oh you who believe! Fasting is prescribed to you as it was prescribed to those before you, that you may learn piety and righteousness” (Q 2:183)

Ramadan, the 9th Islamic month, ushers-in spiritual purity, compassion, generosity, forgiveness, discipline, and tete-a-tete with the divine.

Forgive me, Allah, for I have sinned — I have thought of my boss as the vilest of creatures on earth— which is partially true, but I intend to ditch all that for enlightenment.

No one said we can’t have a good time while we are purifying ourselves—and that’s what I intend to do. My 30 day resolution is a combination of inner peace and personal growth. Check this out!

  • I will complete my important projects in the first week of Ramadan while I still have some energy to be creative.
  • After the first week, it’s non-stop sehri at Muree road and aftari at Islamabad. Monal, Kohsar, Marriott, Serena, Chatta’s, Jade; they all have Aftari at Rs 1800 per person. If that’s too high then no place beats Chandni Chowk.
  • In between, I will invite my family, friends and then my colleagues over for Iftari and have a ball at it.
  • My morning swimming sessions will have to go to after-iftari hours (night time)
  • We will stay awake till sehri by driving out to Bahria town and Margalla hills beyond Monal.
  • I will read the Quran for my spiritual guidance for the next year, before Iftar, every day.
  • I will forgive the negatives in my life and bond with the angels.
  • I will give charity, smile more and make sure people are happy to see me
  • I will read the four books that are lying on my bedside stand ‘to kill a Mockingbird’, ‘God’, ‘why nations fail’ and ‘the animal farm’
  • I will ditch my vices (can’t tell you that) and clean my inside
  • I run to the mosque and complete my 8 travehs’ and head back out on a drive towards Islamabad hills or Bahria town hills. The cool breeze out there is amazing.
  • Then we’ll lie back at home, do our family thing, watch movies and read our books till Fajr time. This is the time for Ramadan Cricket as well, under the floodlights. A walk in the park at night would be very relaxing.
  • With a 16 hour fast, not much can be done during the blistering hot day-time. So, daytime would be nap time. That means early to pack up and straight to bed.
  • The last week of Ramadan, right before Eid, we will take off towards Rama Lake and further North. The roads and lodges are empty on these days. So, SEE YA!

Sehri will be around 3 am and we’ll have the (layered) parathay with tea, eggs and phenian (vermicelli’s). I’ll top that off with a big glass of cool Lassi (freshly beat). No sehri will be complete without a Chaunsa mango, chilled on the rocks.

Iftari will then be pakora, jalebi, Dahi Baray, Fruit chat, Rooh Afza and mutton pulao. Haleem on the alternate days. Channa Samosa Chat on the side would not be bad at all. After pause for Maghreb prayers we’d have a hot cup of tea.

Who says we are going to live forever? What are a few extra pounds going to do to me? People die while sitting in the can, might as well enjoy the time we are around.

So my resolution for this Ramadan is purity of the soul, connecting with Allah, friendship, family bonding, fun, books, charity, and reflection. What’s yours?

Ramadan Kareem!

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