Use Rice Water For Healthy And Glowing Skin

Perfect looking beautiful skin is every women’s dream. Unfortunately, everybody at some point in their life faces skin problems like discoloration, two-tones, hyper-pigmentation, rough skin, skin fades and a lot more.

Today, The secret I am sharing with you is really a life-changing beauty tip for all those willing to have a brighter and healthier skin without thousands spend. Rice water! Yes, you heard it right. Rice water works wonder on the skin. It has many skin-loving vitamins(A &C) and nutrients, anti-inflammatory properties, skin tightening(starch), anti-aging and skin whitening agents. A complete package for your skin!

Korean beauty products are very popular in the beauty industry. The reason is rice. Rice is a basic element of their beauty products. It brings equal skin whitening to your complexion as any whitening product.

To gain all these fantastic beauty benefits. All you have to gather is:

Rice (2-3 tsp)
Water (1 cup)
and that’s it!

You can use rice as a cleanser, toner, and scrubber!


Soak the rice in a clean, air-tight container for about 30 minutes. Make sure to use white rice, not the brown ones.

Afterward, strain the water, store water in a spray bottle. Keep it in the refrigerator and spray it on your face 3-4 times daily you will see the difference in a week. This organic skin toner will make your skin brighter, tighten pores, smooth fade away the hyper-pigmentation and scar marks.

Here, I must mention that use it at least a month long for a noticeable result. You will definitely love it!


For a cleanser, boil rice in 2 glass of water, boil untill 1 glass of water is left. Strain the rice. And use this milky water as a cleanser. (Be careful not to use it hot) You can’t store this in a spray bottle because it’s thick consistency will not let it spray out. Store it in a bottle with a lid, refregerate it and use within a week. From a regular use, it perfectly cleanse, fade blemishes and scar marks! Rice water contain starch which is very helpful in fading away the most stubborn acne and acne stains which even bleach creams cant take away.

Try it to believe me!


Why waste the left-over rice, you can grind it and mix a teaspoon honey and use it as a scrub for face, neck, and hands. This scrub gives an instant glow to the skin!

Its a simple, organic and in-expensive beauty heck proven to give results in a month. Try it to see the amazing results yourself! You would love it.

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  2. Uruj says

    Try it you will not regret! 🙂 it work wonders

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