Land Of Pure: Is It So?

Pakistan is marred with complex pitfalls ranging from poor governance to plight of common men in daily affairs ranging from basic health and education facilities to social insecurity.

In an episode of the programme Mahaz on Dunya News Channel, the anchor person showed us the plight of Umerkot District Hospital, where the conditions were so dwindling that I felt my heart will rip apart at any moment.

12 children weekly expire due to poor medical services in this hospital. Are we insane, inhuman or morally so corrupted that our criminal ignorance has no value for lives of little angels? The only mistake on their part is that they have opened their eyes in the land which is called ‘pure’ by the leaders who live in Palaces immune from the stinking smell of Umer Kot hospital.

Over the years, we have attributed our pitfalls to extra-regional forces which are pre-supposedly jealous of our development pace and have pitched various conspiracies to bring us to our knees. Pre supposedly they have also pitched a conspiracy for non-provision of basic facilities to little angels in Umer Kot hospital and we should do like to launch a proxy in India and Afghanistan to create similar effects in those countries. What an idiotic and chaotic strategy!

In the land of pure, life of a human especially if you happen to be poor is the cheapest commodity. But I hope in the afterlife, heaven awaits them and may provide them special status because they were born in the land which is called pure. Who is responsible for this chaos and agony, might be military which ruled over the country through four Martial Laws or maybe civilian governments who are allegedly corrupt and sought foreign help to continue their reign. Whom should I blame or should I curse myself being a Pakistani Citizen?

What was the purpose of getting this chunk of land where daily basic rights of common men are purposely sabotaged and ripped apart through exploitation and class differential?

The solution to this quagmire lies in the very heart of its problem by setting the right priorities and focusing on inside out approach as Individuals, as a society, as institutions and as governments. We must instead of focusing on temporary bailouts from time to time, should have a wholesome approach towards our social well being by providing quality and equitable education and health facilities to masses. We must disengage ourselves from proxy wars and focus on developing and enhancing our fragile economy.

A Cry from a Common Man, who by fate, was born in this pure land.

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  1. Rashid Hasan says

    We are not focusing on critical human development factors i.e Education, Health and Skills Development. Without these we will remain under developed mired in various socio-political issues. We need a coherent strategy to prevent mass poverty, rascism, religious intolerance so as to move forward. Without it we will remain in abyss.

  2. Saeed Khan says

    Pak doen’s mean Pure, it means Pious. Or, Pakistan is supposed to be the country of the Pious.

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