Confused Chaudary Nisar

The press conference of Chaudary Nisar is nothing more than a trick to use media to gain public attention. I really do not know why politicians use public platforms to settle the personal political score. It is a matter of fact that Chaudary Nisar has been one of the key politicians leading his party from the front for decades, but it does not allow him to use media or parliament to express his concerns especially those related to his personal politics and grudges with party’s leadership.

During the press conference, he said nothing new – just repeated the same old narrative, viz., that he has concerns regarding the dictator’s friends high-jacking the party, that he is a senior politician, that he is among the founding fathers of PML-N, and most important of all is that he does not want to join PTI and will love to stay in PML-N.

If this is the case then why to criticize PML-N and its leadership; he should obey to whatever Nawaz Sharif and Shahbaz Sharif said. After all, they are his leaders. He needs to understand that this is how politics in Pakistan works. Setting aside, the political alignment and history of PML-N, it is the party which has seen numerous ups and downs of politics, and Chaudary is not new to them.

On the other side, if he really is not happy with the way party is working, he should leave it. He should either join PTI or form an independent party or group. Discussing party’s matter on the public forums is nothing more than washing dirty linen in public. He can discuss the issues he is facing within the limits set by his party.

His future might be bleak if he kept on criticizing party’s leadership and the person they appoint as their leader. He wants to stay in the party and the Sharif family will not like to have any opposition against it especially when it is from within the party. We have seen this primarily in the case of Ghous Ali Shah and Zulfiqar Ali Khosa – among the most senior leaders of not only PML-N but also of Pakistan. Although the nature of their grudges with the party may be different, they had to leave it at last.

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