“Into The Water” By Paula Hawkins-A Book Review

The thriller comes out two years after Hawkins’ mega seller-the girl on the train-which sold more than 18 million copies worldwide and was later adapted into a movie starring our very favorite Emily Blunt.

“Into the water” is definitely an incomparable novel than the previous one. It revolves around an unusual drowning of a woman and a teenage girl. Nonetheless, there have also been a number of women throughout the centuries who have drowned in the same deadly and malignant pool in Beckford.

The book is recounted by many characters from Beckford which “is not a suicide spot. Beckford is a place to get rid of troublesome women.” Every character records their own outlook on the story.  It is mind-boggling how magnificently the novel unfolds, disclosing shocking clarity to the story. Every new chapter is narrated by a new character; despite this everything throws in together so perfectly. It may be told by a police officer, a school teacher or perhaps the con artist from down the road?

Hawkins has written this book skillfully by portraying different lives touched by the exact occurrence. She cunningly unravels the mystery by inviting characters into their pasts and linking each character like a puzzle piece to suit the reality.

From time to time, this book can send chills to your spine by recalling some brutal incidents of women drowned in the pool.

One such story is of Libby who “likes the water, loves the river though she’s afraid of the deep. It’ll be cold enough to freeze her now, but at least it’ll take the insects from her skin. They shaved her when they first arrested her, but the hair’s grown back a bit now, and there are things crawling everywhere, burrowing into her, she feels them in her ears, at the corners of her eyes and in between her legs. She scratches until she bleeds. It’ll be good to have all that washed away, the smell of the blood, of herself.

Hawkins keeps you absorbed in the story and urges you to read more.

Even though this book is different from the previous one, I would still recommend it to someone who enjoyed either the last book or its movie and to everybody who is fond of cloak and dagger.

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