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Skincare routine

Weather across the country is getting extreme. Just in a glance, Karachi, Sibbi, Hyderabad, Lahore, every city, every town is facing hot climate and long unscheduled load shedding. These harsh environmental conditions are too bad for health and skin.

Well, what I am gonna talk about is really important to discuss. Our skin! Yes, the largest organ of our body. The most exposed ultimately the most damage is expected! This needs as much care and time as other organs of our body.

We must be selective about what we are buying, applying and eating in order to take care of it. Sub-standard beauty and skincare products are very much common in Pakistan,  to the worst, buyers are cheated the most here,  as one can hardly differentiate between the original or copy ones.

To be on safe side, I recommend to always buy a beauty or skincare product from a well-known store. This is how you will buy a genuine product. Definitely your skin will thank you for this!

Not to forget that a good skincare routine will subside the dull, damaged and toned skin. Takeout time to pamper your skin. Cleanse, scrub, toner, a good hydrating mask, skin serum and moisturizer concludes a good skincare routine to be followed twice-thrice a week preferable before bedtime. But why before bedtime? because it’s the repair time for your body, it will give fast noticeable results.

Let’s talk about the most talkable topic. Whenever it’s about skin, its water consumption that we can’t ignore to talk on.

Water is like a miracle to the skin. Drinking about 8 glass of water make the skin glowy, youthful and hydrated. Water actually detoxify our body, removes toxins,  and cleanse the blood. Not to forget to cut extra-spicy, oily foods to prevent from break-outs and acne.

Sunblock protection is really really important. A sp50+ is recommended for Pakistan weather. Make sure to apply it right way. Apply ample amount of sunblock lotion/ cream to every exposed part including face, neck, hands. Remember to apply about 20-25 minutes before stepping out and re-apply, if you are still in sun for more than 2 hours. This is equally good & recommended for women and men!

It’s time for men to take care of their skin as well. A good skincare routine should be gender-free!

We can prevent, fight and subside many skin-related problems just by proper skincare routine and don’t forget to apply sunblock protection to be safe and healthy!

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