I Will Vote for Imran Khan’s 11 Points

Now I can dare to see a prosperous, secure and strong Pakistan for my children. Imran Khan’s 11 points that he unveiled during 29th April’s mammoth gathering, are correctly focused. These are the core issues that ail us and IK is a doer. See for yourself, he’s promised to:-

Massively Investment in quality, uniform education for kids from all strata (and segment) of society, including girls

Investment in healthcare of people where poor wouldn’t have to pay and rich wouldn’t have to fly abroad. It’s embarrassing to see our Olympian hero begging India for heart treatment.

Doubling Tax collection to Rs 8000 Billion by ending wasteful expenditures and using his personal credibility.

Making National Accountability Bureau independent.

Jacking up Exports and Foreign Direct Investment to create jobs and increase income.

5 Million Low-income homes for the poor segment of society.

More profitability for farmers and protection from Sharks.

Strengthening federation by granting more autonomy and bridging the gap between have and have-nots.

Planting 10 Billion trees for the environment.

Independence of for Judiciary and Police.

Education for women and guaranteed inheritance right.

The agenda point that impressed me the most was his crystal clear priority — people! He said ‘education, health, and prosperity of the people’. Training, jobs, homes, opportunities for the weak segments (people). He talked of reforming our society—again people and that too Medina style. He promised to break the begging bowl by mobilizing ‘people’. My favorite IK’s quotes are these:-

“The Pakistan that Quaid-e-Azam wanted would afford equal rights to all citizens including the minorities, where the Hindu community, Sikhs, and Christians would be equal citizens. This country was to be formed on the model of Medina, where the basis of law was justice,”

“Have you ever heard a party leader has expelled 20 parliamentarians for corruption?”

“I have decided that I will make a Pakistan equal for all, will rid Pakistan of all mafias,”

“I am only the laadla (blue-eyed) of my mother.”

“We will have to side with the oppressed, the poor the uneducated and the deprived only then He’ll (Allah) shower upon us (his blessings).”

“We were supposed to be a country that was to demonstrate to the world what the justice and humanity is”.

“0.8 million children in Pakistan are in English schools and they were the ones who got the maximum jobs, while 2.5 million children were in religious seminaries, stay poor.”

“six thousand billion rupees was the debt on Pakistan in the last 60 years until 2008, and in Asif Zardari’s period it increased up to Rs13,000 billion and then in the PML-N government it increased upto 27,000 billion.”

“We will bring back overseas Pakistani, who are our assets, and they will bring investment along with them.”

“We have tourism spots like no other but no one paid heed. Insha Allah! We will make Pakistan a tourism hub… Four hubs will be opened every year.”

“We’ll make five million homes for the poor so that the poor will be able to have their own houses, improve technical education like we are doing in Hari Pur,”.

“We’ll create an administrative unit in Southern Punjab on the very first day. Secondly, merge FATA with KP and will develop FATA.”

“Lastly, I promise the women of Pakistan. ‘We’ll educate the women.’ ‘We’ll strengthen women to access police’ ‘we’ll legally bound people to give their women inheritance share which is their right”

I like what he is saying; I pray he is the Messiah I am waiting for!

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  1. Altaf Hussain says

    Past performance is an indicator of future progress. Imran Khan’s past performance is nothing but negative propaganda. His team is full of cronies. He is the pioneer of filthy language in Pakistani politics. The man is unstable in his own real life and untrustworthy.

    1. Ali Raza says

      Look who is saying 🙂 just kidding.
      To make your point valid, I believe you should list what he promised before election and what he has delivered since and do the same for other parties including MQM(A, B, C or whatever). See where progress been made and where the progress was lacking. This will not only strengthen your argument but also convince people in favour of your argument.

      Otherwise your comment sounds like the rhetoric currently being spoon fed by the parties who couldn’t even dare to present the points he is talking about i.e. be the master of your own fate and commander of your own soul. BE FREE by knowing your right

    2. Muhammad Asif Khan says

      Altaf hussain you from United Kingdom? I am Right haan?……lol………Your all allegations on Imran Khan are not acceptable. KpK was most effected province of Pakistan engaged in war against terrorist at least Imran Khan strengthen institutions there. At least he is the only guy whose team is full of cronies not full of relatives….lol. You are saying he is using bad language when someone hurt your love ones in any form you will never remain salient then you also will forget all sophistication, he proved a role of real opposition leader not a fake one like others. Last but not least when opponents found nothing bad in his personality they always attacked his personal life, things happened in someone’s bed room, it is really painful, a weak brain only can do this.
      Altaf Hussain you know what is wrong in PTI they are promoting music, dance in public places and in gatherings which is not acceptable in our society in anyway. You know system in Pakistan is almost collapsed in every single field you think he is a magical person can order every thing after hitting a stick with them its not possible.

    3. akmal says

      altaf bahai ,u put up with pple who rob u time and time and the one person who try,s to make your lifes better u criticise.what filthy language did imran introduce? calling a chor a chor is not swearing ,women for the first time in pak starting going to jalsa,s (where they could not even travel on bus without getting harassed) i have never heard imran swear but i have heard leaders of other partys swear ,so at least come with some points across when putting up a argument that make sense, and as for unstable i think u have been watching nawaz screaming like mad man why am i not pm anymore & only unstable person would say that the country is a mess now cus i am not pm anymore when it is still ur party which is in power

  2. Shahzad says

    I fully agree with author.
    As per above comment I beg to differ, you mean Nawaz and Zardari both consist of good teams and great performances in past. If you think that then Sir no further comments. Best of luck

  3. Waqas Munir says

    We will vote for PTI and this time the PM of Pakistan will be only and only “Mr. Imran Khan”. In Sha ALLAh.

  4. Muhammad Afaq Shaikh says

    We want change..we have had enough of Nawaz Zardarsi and Altaaafs… they fooled us for 30 years in the name of saving democracy lol…they were all together in fooling this nation…

    Imran Khan created awareness among masses. This time Imran Khan will win Insha Allah ….or atleast I will vote for him.

  5. Ishfaq says

    Who ever will get 20-25 years(like Mahathir in Malaysia with much less population ) n his intention r good that will be the person who will take 200 million plus Pakistanis to somewhere.. last 5 years were with Imran Khan in KP to do things (Province with less population not like Punjab110 millions alone) was there exemplary progress there… speaking fairly not much.

  6. Humayun Pervez says

    I take it as a last hope.

  7. Junaid F says

    Did anybody tried a calculator to see how much it will cost to implement all 11 points, we don’t have money as we are borrowing money to pay previous debt. Imran ignored Energy Sector in his 11 points as cheap reliable Energy is needed to support our industry and make it competitive, this will in turn reduce imports and increase exports and generate much needed revenue needed for other programmes. Energy is basic nothing can be done without energy.

  8. Hajra ubaid says

    The main problem of we pakistanis’ is that we neither do something by ourselves nor can see anyone who is taking a step towards the revolution. Imran khan is trying to do something and we despite of encouraging him we started a propaganda against him that “he can’t do it”. There is a saying that impossible itself says i am possible just we have to choose the right path with right people. Imran khan was the one who gave the idea of neutral empires during his career and at that time everyone laugh at him and said that impossible but now we have neutral empires. Just we have to have some faith in him instead of saying “hah!he can’t do this”.

  9. Aslam kakar says

    Mera vote Imran khan Ka Hy
    Chahy koi b Candidate ho
    Last hope Ik❤️

  10. Ghayyas shah says

    I will vote imran khan . Bcoz he his the last hope for pakistan . No leader in pakistan will meet imran thinking struggle ,

  11. Abdullah nizamani says

    I will vote Imran khan ,i trust on him,i blv in him

  12. kh says

    i will also vote PTI.

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