Let’s Agree to Disagree

Imran Khan is the only genuine leader and the last hope for the people of this nation. I understand and admit that he is not perfect by any mean but remember that not a single politician can remain perfect in modern democratic societies. There will always be Some persons who will disagree with your way of thinking and your way of doing things and that is totally fine. In a democratic society, people are free to say whatever they want to say. That is the beauty of democracy.

I do not want anyone to agree with my opinion, because my opinion is not a fact. In fact, the difference of opinion is the beauty of free and democratic societies. If you want to do something admirable in life, people will criticize you to an extent where you will start doubting yourself. But this is where you need to stay strong. So, don’t give up.

In Pakistan, it is easy to gather huge crowds before elections but unfortunately, that is not a sign of political dominance as the results of the elections can show an entirely different picture.

I believe that it is the time when the youth have to play a significant role in the country’s politics. You can disagree with Khan’s personal life, although we don’t have any right to interfere in his or anyone’s personal life. You can disagree with some of his policies. But you can’t doubt his abilities, vision, sincerity and honesty for this nation.

I doubt If we will not play our role in the coming elections, we will head towards a coalition government which will be a weak government comparatively, and thus can be easily controlled by undemocratic forces. We have tried everyone. Let give him a chance this time.

Those politicians, who point out the contributions of secret forces in the political journey of Imran Khan know very well how they started years ago. Their excuses start and end at stumbling blocks of the establishment. They had the opportunities to deliver but they did not.

Some of our politicians who speak low of the establishment, immediately become the part of dictator cabinet. It is our politicians who have provided the military with several chances to intervene in the democratic process and impose their rule on our country. 

Let’s build a new Pakistan with Imran Khan. A Pakistan where the life of every citizen will be equal and important to the government.

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  1. Waqas Munir says

    We will vote for PTI and this time the PM of Pakistan will be only and only “Mr. Imran Khan”. In Sha ALLAh.

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