“Respect vote”, what about voter?

Almost every government in Pakistan claimed to be the real representative of emotions and wishes of the nation, but this has never been the case. Every incumbent government throughout the history bagged votes with the same motto but could not represent their feelings in the corridors of power. The present government of PML-N is no different than its predecessors. In spite of all that, it is demanding to give respect to the votes it got – around 15 million. This happened especially after the permanent disqualification of its chieftain Nawaz Sharif who could not complete his tenure thrice.

This time Panama Leaks made him permanently disqualified from contesting elections. If there is any legal provision that can alter this permanent disqualification to a temporary one is a different debate, but the main issue that has been raised by Sharif family and its supporters is with regard to giving respect to the votes. In every enlightened society, voters and their votes are given due reverence by every incumbent government. This happens through the provision of necessary facilities to the masses. Although Nawaz Sharif claims to be a leader of masses, he still could not uplift the living standard of the people by and large.

The current debt has reached new heights and stands at around $90 billion. PIA, Pakistan Steel Mills, and other similar institutions have become white elephants and are already dead. They are waiting for a messiah who could make them self-reliant. From the very beginning of their inception until this time, except in very few times, the ebb was their fate. Every Pakistani is under the debt of more than 130,000 rupees. Around 25 million children are still out of the schools. The international image of the country once again has under suspicion which resulted in deteriorating relationship with America.

Voters need well-structured educational institutions. Education can make them more prosperous than roads and bridges. Institutions like NAB, police, and others must be free from political pressure. With accountability, the voters can know the status of their respective leaders. This is what voters, the masses at large, want. The youth is jobless. Its potential is being wasted for nothing. Most of them are either turning towards nefarious means of spending their life or focusing on leaving the country – a major cause of brain drain.

Internally, the voters who cast vote with the hope of having bright future under their newly-formed government get nothing other than despair. Conduct surveys and you will become aware of the sentiments of the masses. Depicting a blurred picture clearly, Chief Justice of Pakistan in his recent visits to various institutions in all four provinces of Pakistan made the downfall of various provincial institutions obvious to the respective governments. Voters at every stage are facing hurdles. Their life is filled with complexities. A vote is “muqadas” if the voter is considered in the same way. Democracy is not only by the people, it is also for the people.

Premier Shahid Khaqan Abbasi has made it apparent that in the next elections, his party motto will be based on giving respect to the vote. On the other side, it is expected that people will cast their vote based on performance. If neat and clean elections are held in the country, the false perception of some politicians will disappear.

Unless the voters and their desires are considered with reverence, there will be no democracy. The vote gives power to the politicians and in this same way, it makes them more accountable to their acts. People cast vote to close the living standards gap between politicians and the masses, but in Pakistan, this gap is widening. Resultantly, the nation especially the youth is turning towards extreme ways of fulfilling their needs. It would be better for all political parties to respect voters first and then they can demand votes should be revered.

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  1. Ahmed Niazi says

    hahahah!!! Exactly, now they are demanding respect for vote – the politicians who never cared about the miserable conditions of their voters. Once they take vote, they care nothing about the masses.

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