Early Morning Dreams

I can’t even describe how mesmerizing it is to wake up before the sunrise. Everything at that time is so serene that you just want the world to stop right there and you yourself want to be engrossed in that moment, totally oblivious of the world around you.  The beautiful chirping of the birds, rustling of the trees, fresh cool breeze and an aromatic smell of dampness of mud… Ah! My favorite! What is there not to like about it? That’s the perfect time to wake up not just to enjoy nature but to pamper your body with early morning exercise as well.

Waking up before the sunrise became my habit since my early university days and now I just can’t imagine waking up late even for once. The first thing that I do is go out for a one hour morning walk daily. Once I come back, I make my own breakfast. Breakfast is my most favorite meal of the day. I look forward to breakfast; it makes me happy.  That is how my day starts.

The best thing about waking up early is the freshness and liveliness that stays with you throughout the day. No matter how tough your day is, you feel active and energetic because of the morning calmness that gets instilled in you. As soon as I step outside my home, I am free to do all my morning stretches. I stretch, do deep breathing and ponder over my life. I take a moment to count all the blessings that I have and be thankful to Allah for everything that He has provided to me. When I am back home, I make myself a scrumptious breakfast. After I am done with that, I start planning my day by writing “things to do” in my planner and prioritizing them; the most important ones are at the top and the least important ones are at the bottom. At the end of the day, I review my planner and check all the tasks that I am done with and give myself a pat on the shoulders. That is how I make myself an organized and motivated person.

As I am patting myself on being an organized person, there is an unpleasant beeping sound coming from my mobile alarm which is kept right on my bedside table. Oh God, not again! There I am sleeping in my bed thinking that I am already back from my early morning routine. I snooze the alarm yet again. Guys, how I wish this early morning routine was true! I so want to be a morning person which in reality I am not. How effectively my life will change if I incorporate this practical routine in my impractical life is just a long shout out in the walking track of the park right beside my home.

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