Hostel Life Sucks! But Still, We Love It….

The Word “Hostel“ can be understood well by the ones who have gone through this fun ride full of excitement and insane stuff. The hostel is like a second home where we are provided with a chance to explore ourselves besides all the crazy stuff which makes hostel life even more special. The memories with friends in hostel life are always priceless whether fighting over a sleeping place near to an air conditioner in summer or fighting over whose turn is to turn off the light today at night.

Before going to the hostel, everybody especially my family was telling me that living in a hostel would be very tough as I will have to do all my stuff by myself such as cooking my food, washing my clothes, doing my room etc. I always hated to do these chores in the past but as I came here, things got real smooth by the passage of time unexpectedly. It feels really good to do your own stuff at hostel as you know that you have to do your own stuff by yourself and there would be no help as everybody would be busy matching the high pace regarding studies and other activities.

It is really fun to live with people coming out of different cultural and community setups. Learning different languages and spoiling them with terrible wrong accents is always fun and the hostel provides this fun at its best with students from all parts of the country. Besides, it gives you a chance to learn about different cultures due to strong interaction with the students at the hostel.

My life in a hostel is also packed with full of craziness and excitement as I am blessed with a lot of good friends and colleagues but some important aspects I want to mention specifically which are as follows.

1: Room-mates like Best friends forever:

A Hostel is all about interacting with different people from different backgrounds and your life becomes full of fun when your room-mate turns out to be your best friend. Life in a hostel teaches how to get out of your comfort zone to compromise with the habits of others.

As the time passes, this friendship becomes a priceless bond which is always close to you heart. You get adjusted with each other in no time and get to know each other’s personalities very well, support each other in the difficult times and your life becomes real fun while staying together, eating together, laughing out loud together and the list goes on.

2: Enjoy partying together:

You do not enjoy your university life as much as the hostel life. You a do lot of crazy stuff together like Movie nights, cooking, Pajama parties, Birthday parties and many more. You enjoy much awaited weekends in many ways possible.

Go out- for shopping, eating and sometimes just wandering around the city with the right people is all what you need, some days you enjoy cooking together. You plan to watch movies and sometimes you just enjoy the random gossips.

3: Running to each other’s closet because you have nothing to wear for tomorrow

This is every girl’s problem. They are not concerned about their grades as much as repeating their clothes. The hostel is the place where you can run into your roommate’s or other friends’ closet for the dresses, you have been keeping eye on since they bought them.

4: Making the room prettier:

Decorating your room and making it prettier than other girls’ rooms, this is your main mission of staying at the hostel. You can decorate your room with attractive posters, photographs and lots and lots of attractive stuff that eventually you will end up spenda ing major part of your pocket money buying such stuff.

5: Maggie to the Rescue:

Sometimes you feel so lazy to cook something time taking and then here’s the ‘Holy 2 minute Maggie” to save you from starvation. It saves your time and you don’t need to starve though Maggie always plays a vital role at the end of the month after spending a lot a money on food lavishly – ending your pocket money before you get the new.

6: Exercise sessions:

Those so-called “Exercise Sessions” that don’t last for more than a week are always fun to deal with. Of-course, there are other more important commitments to meet like “Sleep”, the most important thing to do and this is how laziness overcomes your dreams to stay fit.

7:  Major Dance Sessions in your room:

Weekend Nights in the hostel are fun. If you have nothing to do and feel bored just put on some desi songs and hit the floor. You don’t need to be a pro dancer, if you know how to have fun, you can dance to your craziest level without any self consciousness.

How much ever hostel life sucks! we still, love it….

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