Judicial Activism In Current Scenario

Since the last few whiles, the role of the judiciary has become the integral fragment of social media, owing to its incredible and uncomprehending activism.

De facto, Judicial layout in Pakistan, is deliberate to be peculiar because of its axiomatic and momentous judgments. In fact, an active judicial role exercised by an independent judiciary can be a democratic and constitutionally legitimate means to strengthen a developing democratic system.

Judiciary has to enrich its ambit due to the low key role performed by the government institutions and officials, vastly after the Panama Papers verdict. Under the surveillance of prestigious CJP Mian Saqib Nisar, Judiciary has festinated its key role against the culprits and felons to audit the anomalies, to eradicate the fistula of corruption from Pakistan.

Supreme Court is taking suo-moto notices against the unhygienic plight of the country to scrutinize the audit. Judiciary clinches the hearts of majority, but beyond that antagonistic reflex can be seen by the specified floor. The narrative of PMLN is that some institutions exceeds their prescribed limits and have done undue interference against them.

In the current scenario, CJP Mian Saqib Nisar is going popular owing to his dynamic exploit against the feudalism, immediate actions against the owners of medical colleges in the guilt of collecting the undue fee and his incitement include the project of transparent and pure water and to meliorate the condition of hospitals.

PMLN is trying to capitalize its narrative by contempt of court. But will they prevail in promoting their narrative? it’s a question!!

The recent case of firing at Hon.Justice Ajaz-ul-Ahsan’s residence is highly condemnable and the culprits must be brought to justice, apace.

No doubt, Hon.Judges are executing their task with diligence, but still, a lot of pending cases in the courts are pointing towards a noteworthy situation, and vacancies of civil judges might be one of the hinder factors, in that.

Pakistan had been caught in crosshairs of problems. To sum up, the judiciary should be ideally and practically effective and mature. Proper, sensible, realistic and authoritative policies need to be devised by Judiciary. It is judiciary which ensures peace. Martin Luther King’s words echo when peace and justice are talked. He said that true peace is not the absence of tension but it is the presence of justice. It demonstrates that justice is mandatory to bring peace in the current scenario.

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