How to Make Pakistan Rape Free

The horrific rape and murder case of Zainab Amin shook the whole country. A group of people, on social media, demanded the government to introduce sex education as a part of the curriculum to make younger kids aware of their body and the good and bad touch.

This demand stirred a whole new debate on the internet which failed to reach on any conclusion. With the time, that all debate vanished from the social media leaving the demand for justice for the rape victims there.

In January, #JusticeForZainab was the top trend on the twitter and now in April, it is #JusticeForNoorFatima. Do we have to demand justice everytime we hear of any such case?

Two days ago, #JusticeForNoorFatima made it to the top trend on the twitter. Noor Fatima was an eight years old. She went outside her house to buy some sweets but never returned. Later on, her family found her 90 percent burnt body, the medical report proved that the deceases was raped before being burnt.

Yes, she was just eight years old. Can you think of any reason an eight years old girl can call for rape?

Stop misleading your own self and the society. Stop proposing the same centuries-old not-gonna-work-solutions for this immediate to be addressed issue.

Now, the question arises if not that way then how can we make our country rape free?

In my opinion, following measures can help to end or to minimize the rape cases.

Raising better girls and boys

As a society, we are a house of evils. Let’s accept it. Acceptance of the issue is the very first and foremost step towards its solution.

Most of us are biased and have our own stereotypes. We have to stop transferring those to the next generations. To do so, obviously, we will have to change our attitudes and behavior as well.

Raising better sons and girls who do not believe in any gender roles and stereotypes can make our society safe over the time.

Sex education

Sex education is the necessity of the time. Teach your kid about his/her body. Tell them that their body belongs to them.

Tell them about good and bad touch. Give them enough confidence that if anyone tries to touch them in an inappropriate way, they can come to you and discuss the matter freely.

Beside this, tell your relatives and friends to not touch your child as it violates his/her privacy. There is nothing wrong with it. You are just being protective for your child and as a parent, it is your right.

Pre-marital counseling

It should be mandatory for every couple to get pre-marital counseling or training on how to start a family. In Pakistan, the premarital counseling is all about how to perform well on the wedding night and how to handle saas and nand. We have to get our tiny brains out of this.

Marriage is not just about having sex, producing kids and getting the label of achi bahu and sakht launda. It’s a whole new responsibility.

Try to understand the essense of marriage. Ask yourself are you in a state to allow someone to be a part of your life? Are you able to give a secure environment to your kids? Do you understand what is it like to be a parent and what responsibilities are attached to it? If the answer to any of these questions is No then please have mercy on your future kids and do not marry.

Nuclear family system

It’s the time we should break the bubble of the ‘joint family system is a blessing.’ Stop depending on your family to live a life. Support the nuclear family system and take the reins of your life in your own hands.

In most of the rape cases, the rapist is a close relative. Keep your child at a distance from the people to define the boundaries. By this, I don’t mean that we should get isolated but what I mean is defining the limits and boundaries for the people.

By keeping our mouths shut

This is the most important thing which could solve 70 percent of our problems. Whenever any victim of rape or sexual assault tries to ring the justice bell its us who builds an unseen pressure on him and make him feel like an alien.

If you are not on the same page with them, even then keep your mouth shut. let them fight for themselves. let them do whatever they want to do with their life. If you still find it hard to keep your mouth shut then do one thing, talk about yourself. tell people that you are that log who don’t allow others to live or even die in peace.

I know it will take us time to make this society safe for our kids but till then let’s embrace the change. let’s change ourselves and our traditions which are proving havoc for the society on the whole.

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  1. Muhammad Asif Khan says

    Tehreem once again same level of chawalian…keep it up only you can do this ……lol……you people are sick impressed from west blind brain washed…… I don’t know where you have been brought up…..before we were witnessing western agent in politics now its addition in the shape of you in our societies….another headache to face people kind of you in our societies. You people are real shame for us. Oh Allah help us! In jahil logon se jaan chorwa kithun sadhy peechay pae gae ny.

    1. Tehreem Azeem says

      Hi Asif, thanks for your same kinda comment.

  2. Muhammad Asif Khan says

    Tehreem believe me or not its up to you … I really tried to rate you I really tried to convince myself that maybe any of your idea suitable or realistic or useful or at least digestive for me but believe me I did not find any single line which I can believe is useful for any one of us…… know what is the main contradiction between our ideas …. its all brought up issues if you people believe that Islam covers every aspect of your life and its principles are ideal for us then you will never detracted or as a result will misguide anyone… is difficult for you tehreem to understand because brought up issues…lol… Please ALLAH show us right path.

    1. Tehreem Azeem says

      Yes Asif, I can see the brought up issues in your comment.

  3. Muhammad Asif Khan says

    Tehreem I can apologize you personally if you feel that I am hitting you but indeed I am not in the favor of your ideas I am just criticizing because most of the bloggers don’t know or not having depth knowledge about our society. I will never use apologetic/diplomatic words here because you are using a national medium and your words hitting thousands of weak brains also that may cause any problem for rest of their lives. Please listen we have an ideal religion that covers every moment of our lives from birth to death so there is no need to get impressed from any other form of ideas. You are instead of adding values to our lives more complicating the things for young bloods. So , if you will do shetan work here then Oskay aaajiz banday b hain….

    1. Tehreem Azeem says

      Asif, That’s your opinion and what I wrote in the article was my opinion. you don’t have to agree with it. You can disagree. That’s the freedom we all have as human beings.

      1. Muhammad Asif Khan says

        Tehreem once again you are wrong……how many times I object you I myself now personally feeling not comfortable what readers will say….. okay last but not least Yes we have freedom but we are living in a society…..there is no course of law backing any act that may hurt emotions of general public so there are always limits in every society…..okay let me Remind you this is ISLAMIC REPUBLIC of Pakistan so please keep this in your mind while writing on a topic…..thanks… Its painful you know to say one thing again n again…….I CAN RESPOND you line by line but you know where all this ends…..BROUGHT UP ISSUES

  4. Nawaz says

    These are sad incidents which involve negligence of Parents or Guardian, this is not a issue in Pakistan to write about. Just name a country in the world which is rape free? First try to be real and get the R.A.P.E statistic of countries like India, America and Europe etc. Then later do a comparison yourself.

    1. Tehreem Azeem says

      Again the same typical reply. So if rape incidents are happening in other countries should we ignore the rape cases in pakistan? because it is that normal. it hapens everywhere.

  5. Shejat Hussain says

    Sex education is necessary but it must be instilled in children by parents and not by the state. Sex is a private, family matter and it should stay as this; we shouldn’t descend into the same madness as Western countries where the State is essentially responsible for indoctrinating children about sex from a really young age. Childhood is becoming shorter due to hyper-sexualisation of society and we must diverge from Western thinking and begin crafting our own path. As for rape, we need accountability rather than new laws as laws pertaining to rape already exist. Zainab and individuals like her are the result of a weak writ of the state over civil matters. This is why the Army is still popular in our country despite successful transitions between two democratic governments. We need to emulate China rather than the West when it comes to punishing crime.

    1. Muhammad Asif Khan says

      tehreem okay I might be wrong for you but learn from Shejat Hussain’s words thanks Shejat

    2. Tehreem Azeem says

      DO you think we are not at hyper-sexualisation stage? and by sex education, i dont mean kamasutra.

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