Why Malala Rankles Obscurantists in Pakistan?

As soon as Malala set foot on her native soil after a long hiatus of five years, a pandemonium ensued on Social Media. Amidst welcoming trends from celebrities and progressive people of Pakistan, a more conspicuous trend of “I AM NOT MALALA” was visible from obscurantists on twitter. An array of accusations was noticeably witnessed incriminating the little girl with scandalous crimes like treason and furthering agenda of western powers.

One is bewildered to see blatant reproach and reflect what Malala has done wrong. Heroes of war against Terror like Aitzaz and martyred angels of APS are venerated and celebrated by even the rancorous critics of Government policies on this war.

Having mentioned that, one is bound to witness the glaring difference in responses for aforementioned heroes and Malala Yousafzai. It gives the impression that her only crime is surviving the deadly attack on her. After all, we are a nation of dead heroes. We are more in the romance with heroes from past – which is a good thing but reversing present heroes is more imperative to make a nation of heroes. Fatima Jinnah, Prof Abdul Salam and now Malala are examples how we shunned heroes in their hay days on one pretext or other.

It must not be Malala but bigotry, chauvinism, and extremism that warrant our hatred. People always search for soft targets to cover their weaknesses and failures. And what softer target there could be than a young girl in a misogynic society of ours. Let’s just merit all accusations on Malala Yusufzai for their veracity:

• She’s accused of exposing the perennial problem of extremism existing in Pakistan. Discomfiture caused by that nudged us in the right direction. Because of self-inflicted embarrassment, state of Pakistan took the difficult steps like promulgating NAP for purging society of evil menaces like terrorism and Militancy.

  • It is argued that because of her people of other countries discern Pakistanis have favorable opinion of Militants. That can’t be rebuffed. Many surveys in the past indicated a clear majority of people in Pakistan had a soft corner for Taliban. In recent times, people lent their support to Hafiz Saeed after Punjab government put him under house arrest.
  • Malala is a beacon of light for young girls residing in backward and conservative areas. She vowed to do revolutionary work for the education of girls. This is a hard pill to digest for apologists of militants and conservatives alike.

Malala proved herself a ray of hope at the end of a dark tunnel for women empowerment in Pakistan. Instead of trying to block this glimmer, it must be given way and strengthened to bring positive changes in our society.


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  1. Saeed Khan says

    Another day, another ‘Candle Mafia’ rant!

    No one is against female education or their empowerment. What we are against is the way these women gladly volunteer and are used to malign Islam, Muslims and Pakistan. ‘Mukhtaran Mai’ was another such character.

    I guess no kids ever get shot in their countries and no women ever get gang-raped! Never saw them parade their own on a stage in different cities of their countries!

    1. ali says

      well said bro

  2. NOMAN says

    First of all , people of Pakistan are not extremist , we are progressive ,
    Ppl hate Malala not after attacked , they dislike her from the day 1st when she gave interview to GEO .
    It is not only the specific segment of society , Its over all majority of our nation who believe that Malala is injected in our society to strengthen western interest .
    May be she did nothing wrong but she also did nothing as such that she get Noble prize . West continuously trying to impose her on our Nation .

  3. Muhammad Asif Khan says

    Mr. Ishaq how beautifully you present your malice against innocent people of Pakistan living with Pakistan’s Ideology ….lol…. I appreciate your work of spreading venom and also telling us people like you continuously hitting and weakening the foundations of this beautiful land…lol…. which kind of system you and your bosses want in Pakistan we have not paid the price for that particular Ideology……majority of Pakistanis have soft corner for Taliban because they know very well your bosses ( Usa, UK, etc ) fantastic work for this mankind…lol…… for your convenience I will remind you what America and Britain said after destroying and occupying the resources of Iraq, SORRY ! we have destroyed a country by mistake because intelligence feedback was wrong about chemical weapons in Iraq and killed hundreds of thousands people just on fake news….lol…. Okay few questions for you……. Why almost every organization in Pakistan want a female receptionist with dash dash?
    Where the DOBATAS are gone of all the news anchors in Pakistan? Is DOBATAS creating an hurdle to pass sound waves while telling news to innocent Pakistanis?
    Why Anchors do cat walk while telling the news?
    Celebrities dancing round the year and why become noble in the month of Ramadan, covered there body head etc?
    In short you people want to interpret Islam as you wish and if anyone tells you what sharia, Hadiths or Quran saying about that particular act then you people mind it. Then we become terrorist and Bla Bla Bla!……Your bosses killed and killing millions of innocent people around the world but they are justifying their killing by using means and people like you impressed from their services to mankind. Developed countries trying to find out another plant where humans can shift themselves after destroying earth..lol…and you people are their companions…for your convenience come to the point……there are two ways to go……One work for Shetan become his helper and the other leads you towards REHMAN…. so its quiet simple if you want to complicate it its up to you.

  4. Shejat Hussain says

    Malala’s stance would have been received well in Pakistan if the West hadn’t gotten involved. There is a deep mistrust of anything Western in our country due to our colonial past and Malala’s parents should have guided themselves in an appropriate manner. By linking Malala with the West, they have effectively killed any chance of progress that could have been made otherwise. To most Pakistanis, she is a tool of social engineering and more dangerously, a symbol of cultural imperialism. As long as people like Malala are idolized by Western institutions, they will always be seen as traitors not only in Pakistan, but in other eastern countries as well.

  5. Moaz Malik says

    What about the girls who shaheed on that day?Why are we promotting such type of girl that is already promoted by Europe
    We want to be slaves???!!

  6. Abbas Khan says

    The word used for anyone who don’t subscribe to this west narrated image of Malala is deemed to be offensive. Being a father of 3 girls whom I am trying to provide as good education & care, as one provides a boy, can I be categorised as Obscurantist, just because I don’t accept stooges like Malala, Bhutto or Sharif being imposed on me.

    1. akmal says

      well said and good luck with educating ur daughters ,i know living in uk how the west uses pple from country’s like pak etc for their own means

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