Our Lazy And Showoff Student-hood

Yesterday as I was scrolling down my news feed, I came across a post of my Brazilian friend which hold me there for a while. She had posted a picture of freshly baked vegetable patties and coconut cake.

Yes, I am a big foodie and 90 percent of my newsfeed is all about food and just food but this time it was not the food which grabbed my attention instead it was the caption of the picture which had a very special message strong enough to hold my thumb for a moment.

The caption read,

“I have baked these patties and coconut cake to sell at a student’s coffee shop to save some money for the graduation ceremony.”

I messaged her to know more details. She told me that there is a student’s coffee shop at her university in Brazil where students can sell their homemade stuff to make some money. Anyone could come there with their stuff and sell it at reasonable rates and earn some extra money.

It was a good idea- at least for a girl like me who loves to cook. You need some extra money? Bake something or make any craft or hold your violin and reach the coffee shop, sell whatever you have – the eatables and music in this case, and get the money.

Now coming to Pakistan, what opportunities a student has here in case he/she want to earn some money to meet his expenses or to support his/her family or for any reason. Well, we don’t have not many opportunities. Either, a student can do a part-time job at any company or can give tuition or can do freelancing.

And then there are the people who are status conscious and like to show off the wealth their grandfather had left or their father was earning. You must have met some of them at your university.

They would say they don’t have to do any work to live a good life. Their family is there to take care of their expenses.

You can find similar people at your workplace too. They would say they don’t need a job for a living.  They are just doing it for fun or to kill their time but you would see them asking if the salary was transferred, first of anyone. They would say that they don’t care about the boss because this job is not their need but you would find them almost licking the boots of the boss everytime they would interact with him.

Why we are like this?

Why we feel ashamed of earning money by actually working for it?

Why we want to show off about our family and its wealth every time.

We always criticize western world for not having moral values and family system ignoring the fact that they have those moral values which we don’t have or should I say which we do not consider even moral values.

The government will only work when we will make room for it. Admit it.

One night I was seeing a video of an American traveler. In this video, she was explaining how she manages money for her travel. She old that she earns 10 dollars an hour. Whenever she goes shopping and likes something, she thinks does that particular product is equivalent to her four hours or five hours or eight hours salary? If she gets the answer in yes then she buys it otherwise she puts it back on the shelf and saves that money for her next trip.

On the other end, the things are different here in Pakistan. Most of us love to spend our hard earned money just like that.

We need to learn and teach our next generation the importance of money and how it is earned. We need to teach them that they can pay their bills only if they can work and earn some money. Stop being dependent on your parents till half of your life. The government will only pay heed to our concerns when we will consider those as our concerns.

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  1. Muhammad Asif Khan says

    totally useless ideas ……… totally crap………. I think you need to do something better then writing such kind of bongian….

    1. Tehreem Azeem says

      thank you for your suggestion Sir. I still prefer bongian over something better.

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