Stop killing your children; let them be what they are good at!!

Let me enlighten you with a very promising and hard fact about Pakistan’s population, before going any further; According to the United Nations’ recent survey, out of the 200m population, 63%  falls into the category of Youth – making Pakistan the fifth largest young county in the world.

It’s also known as ‘Youth Bulge’; whether it ‘s good or bad for Pakistan is a different debate and will surely talk about that some other time.

Let’s just consider this youth bulge; a key to the prosperous and developed Pakistan. And the only way the youth can take part in this process effectively is by getting the education and cement their names in the fields that matter.

But do we understand that this include some other fields other than becoming a doctor, lawyer or an engineer? Because what I have seen in my life so far is that in Pakistan everyone is keen on becoming a doctor or an engineer even if they are not capable of or born for that field.

You must be wondering why I am emphasising on these fields particularly? In recent past; I heard a news on electronic and social media that a 2nd year medical student studying in a private medical college in Narowal committed suicide because of the pressure of the results of upcoming supplementary examinations.

It’s a known fact in the medical field that recent supplementary examinations have shown pretty bad results and this student was worried already so the stress doubled when the student heard about the possible bad results rumors and ended up taking her own life.

So, I may seem harsh but does that mean this education or in fact forced education system has taken another life of an innocent potential asset of Pakistan?

This is not the first time that student has committed suicide because of the pressure of the result and good grades mostly imposed by parents who apparently wanted them to do what they wanted to do themselves or couldn’t do, I’m sorry if I’m being harsh but that’s the fact and we need to understand that.

In Pakistan, we have no trend of career counselling of students, and especially students from rural sides are forced by their parents and peer group to choose a field opposite to their strengths and abilities.

One boy that could have been a brilliant cricketer is forced by his parents to become a doctor because his cousin is doing so and his parents don’t want to get embarrassed in family gatherings in front of them by saying that their boy is a cricketer. Maybe the boy turns out to be a doctor but a bad one or a dead one.

A girl who could have been a world known the scientist in the field of Zoology is forced by her peer group or guardians to join engineering because half of her family is in engineering and are earning a decent amount abroad .

This is the system that is killing our youth and our potential aspects of this prosperous nation. But we don’t seem to think of it as an issue because who would raise voice at this issue? It’ll be considered as a rebellious attitude to the whole legacy, you know.

I’m just going to say one thing at the end , Stop harassing your children, let them do what they enjoy to do. Stop killing them. Not everyone is born to fulfil your dreams. Please.


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  1. Muhammad Asif Khan says

    Usman Virk there is no problem lie in any profession or in any desire indeed we are all as a community real culprits because we hate people associated with less paying professions due to some genuine grounds, we think they are not equal citizen OR even humans because they cannot avail a healthy lifestyle, our almost all institutions are on sale for example if you go to a police station you must have either approach or money otherwise no one even ready to listen you, in short if you are poor today you are real culprit of this nation everyone will see u with an eye as you have done something wrong, so as a result every single parent apparently assuming themselves at right direction by demanding such profession in which their children to be a non stop ATM’s so they can avail a healthy lifestyle by purchasing everything (as everything is on sale you know) whether it is education, justice, food, or all fundamental rights, its simple what our elders have sown its time for us or coming generation to reap, Party just started my love.

  2. Muhammad Asif Khan says

    Indeed everyone want a cosmetic work to address a problem because if a problem will come to an end a lot of people’s business will shut down, no one here is ready to address root causes of a problem because majority of us believe that we are directly or indirectly beneficiary of a problem but indeed in real sense we are destroying our society. If society survive we altogether will survive other wise we will become victim turn by turn today my turn tomorrow will be yours. how we can survive in this form of world if we have free and fair institutions in our society otherwise bad things will continue turn by turn today my turn and tomorrow yours. Abhi to party shoro hoi hy…..

  3. Ahmad Raza Khan says

    What Mr. Virk has described in this article is very real and harsh reality of our times, I am surprised that he has not given the actual numbers of suicides being committed for this very reason alone, let leave the other multiple reasons . Mr. Virk this is a sick nation and will remain sick unless God comes between us and make everyone rich. We are a decaying society and all our efforts are only materialistically centered, we want our children to be, what we could not be, in spite of, all our best efforts and we will not allow them to be what they want to be. We are producing suppressed mentality and stressed generations, and such nations may earn money at individual level, but never stand as developed nation.

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