Little coffins of Afghanistan

Pictures of corpses of children attired in blood-soaked clothes are getting viral on the social media. People from all nooks and corners of the World are recording their protest on the brutal aerial attack of US and Afghan forces which has ruined the peace of about 80 families.

According to Al Jazeera, the target was a religious ceremony which was aimed to present awards and gifts to the children for completion of their course. Majority of the deceased were teenagers who were probably unaware of the international politics and the hypocritical face of West which claims to be the champion of human rights.

United Nations Assistant Mission in Afghanistan said that human rights team will investigate the incident. But we all know what kind of investigation it will be. America has been violating human rights in Afganistan since 2001 with a sense of impunity but no international organization can dare even to question her.

This is neither the first attack on civilians nor it will be last as the rule of “might is right” applies. More children will be slaughtered, more women will be widowed but there is no one to feel the pain of Afghan nation.

Tearful eyes of Afghan mother are dim as there is no hope in them. The international community is silent over this massacre but it is clear that the agenda of US was not only the fall of the Taliban rule, it was a venomous campaign to crush the dissents so that no one could stand up against the cruelty of USA.

Dual policy of United States is baffling. On one side, they seem eager for negotiations with Taliban but on the other side, they are targeting the religious seminaries and killing innocent children.

The Afghan government is also playing a shameful role by proving themselves the best bootlickers of uncle Sam. They are trying to maximize their rule by playing the role of “evil servant”.
Muslim countries should sit on a table and get united by throwing away the gauntlet of sectarianism. Myopic political interests should be ignored for the purpose of unity. There is a dire need to send a strong message to the US but it will remain a far cry dream unless the Muslim rulers wake up from the deep slumber. Till then we have to suffer the agony.

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  1. Uzair Gull Tohidi says

    All the words you’ve wirtten here, Your view point you’ve shared with us, Your thoughts you’ve showed us are admirable. You did a great job and I think this is the truth loyalty with your pen to publish and write down the real based story. God bless you

  2. Muhammad Asif Khan says

    Tahir Iqbal you know when I was reading your statements above there was a smile on my lips and my brain was playing a film of all the bright work I have seen, read , listen and witness in my life’s last 20 years about Punjab Police achievements. Every extra judicial killing news hit one bullet in my chest also that is not going to take my life although but all such bullets will remain in my body till death. I am ready to offer my chest also as a solidarity with all those being victimized by your superb institution. You know how it is feeling when you are talking about above massacre, it looks like a dream as you are trying to tell people that we are not as much cruel as Americans are.
    I have no more words what to say or what not!

  3. Muhammad Asif Khan says

    You all writers and bloggers not want to change yourself or at least have courage to speak truth because you all beneficiary of this barbarism. I never heard Trump OR Obama called a police officer or any other public holding officer in Pakistan to take bribe and sell everything you have for few coins. What is happening in our so called institutions 24/7 not hidden from anyone. Everyone and everything is on sale there is market and there are buyers but people don’t know we are living in a society if we are abusing our powers for some cheap benefits then such abusing one day will hit you or your coming generation back because we are living in a society….so please generate some courage to speak truth rather then telling stories and enjoying privilege. Do sacrifice if society prospers automatically you will also feel the benefit in any position / condition you have.

  4. Masood Ehsan says

    The governments of under developed countries are puppets in the hand of foreign players.

  5. Hamayun Ali says

    Muhammad Asif khan all officers are not same. There are many unsung heroes of Police whose sacrifices are our proud. All institutions have black sheep in them. Police is reflection of the society, they are not from MARS.

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