Zainab: A bud which perished before transforming into flower!

This poem is written to present a tribute to Zainab, a seven years old rape victim.

At the age of playing with dolls, the age at which people don’t even start dreaming, the era of life in which there is no tension except school, the age in which people live in fantasy world, when even sweets are the source of happiness, she faced the most tragic incident of her life leading to death.


A bud which perished before transforming into flower!

 With a smile on face,

Cheers inside the heart,

Having Blush on cheeks,

Happily walking along the street;


Might have left home with a hope;

Of coming early and watching the daily soap;

Having no idea of the future;

The innocent met her destiny shooter;


Few steps away from the destination;

A twist took place in the situation;

She met someone on the way;

Taking her somewhere else away;


She went missing from the place;

Creating the panic, having her no trace;

Family informed the legislation;

Registering the case of humiliation;


Moments transformed into days;

But she remained misplaced;

No clue, from the time she withdrawn;

Everybody searching in the whole town;


Parents praying at the sacred place;

Suddenly got news regarding the case;

Creating a hope for her arrival;

But the news was bad and went viral;


She was found lying in the trash;

The poor’s body was awful as splash;

Terribly strangled to assassination;

After being victimized of molestation;


The family demanded legitimacy;

Creating unity among people against intimacy;

People protested madly;

Enabling the culprit to be punished badly;


Finally, the day arrived;

The CC TV footage developed and hope revived;

Letting the criminal to be caught and tested;

The medical reports proved and resulted;


It may cause relief to the angry crowd;

But what about the innocent souls who must have shout out loud?

When being assaulted by such rotten individuals;

No one even taking notice of the public which is such hypocritical;


This is not the first case;

Newspapers are daily filled with the same phrase;

The poor’s fate was worst as hell;

But it could be controlled if the justice rings bell.

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