Is Your Child A Slow learner?

“If there is anything that we wish to change in a child, we should first examine it and see whether it is not something that could better be changed in ourselves.” (Carl Jung)

Is your child performing well at school and showing interest in extracurricular activities? If not there’s always a way to solve an issue. Do not mark your child as he/she is having some sought of psychological illness. Even if you are willing to visit a psychologist for a check-up don’t let them mark your child as an “ADHD” (Attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorder) OR ODD (Oppositional defiant disorder) patient because this single spot can make them suffer the whole life. It is nowadays so easy for teachers to back their hands from students that are not performing well with the IQ standardized range. Children perform by their own wish and they act differently to certain situations. Don’t limit them before they spread their wings.

Environmental factors play an important role in the etiology of emotional problems in childhood. Parents more often expect their children’s to meet the standards, but what if a 2-year kid is not matching the standards of the society? It’s not about age sometimes even a 12-years child can come across difficulties in measuring the scales of the society. However, most of the children’s face difficulty with the environmental stress that directly affect their behavior.

The Rochester Longitudinal Study carried out by Sameroff et al., on the role of the environment in the determination of mental health followed up children from the prenatal period to adolescence.23 The main findings of this study regarding the influence of environmental factors on mental health were:

a) history of maternal mental disease;

b) high level of maternal anxiety;

c) limited parental perspectives;

d) poor interaction between children and their mothers;

e) head of the family without qualified occupation;

f) low maternal education;

g) family of minority-ethnic groups;

h) single-parent families;

i) of stressful events;

j) families with four or more children.

Some of these findings were also obtained by other studies on development, although some of them applied different methodologies, which reinforces their importance. These findings emphasize the need to identify the group of children at higher risk for emotional and behavioral problems.

It’s easy to label someone but what are the things; in particular, that parents need to understand about their child if at the seventh standard you scold your child for failing a test without rationalizing the issue than it’s unfair with them. Just try to look what and how they do things.

For example: pronouncing a word “science” is easy but while writing it as “scinc” and repeating it constantly is not a good sign. It looks a minor mistake but stop it right there. If a teacher is just writing “sp” under the mistake, correct it by writing the proper spelling.

Parents especially are the support where a child believes blindly, and hold their hands with a belief that parents can never leave them no matter how hard it gets.

So, give them time to learn and grow in their own circle for they are the most delicate flowers of your garden.

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