An Enemy without Borders

For past few days, a news regarding the Indian Minister’s threat of attacking and capturing areas of Pakistan has been circulating and has grasped the attention of masses. For a moment if we think about the consequences of engaging in a war with India, we can only see a hostile situation where people will be dying of food shortage, lack of safe shelter and worst of all the entire atmosphere of this region will become inhabitable.

Well, guess what? We already have an enemy upon us that is capable of causing all the above-mentioned harms and has already started damaging us. It’s none other than the – Climate Change.

Many of you may find the comparison between the damages caused by a war and climate change strange but trust me, we are closer to the devastating outcomes of climate change than we are to a war with our neighboring country.

If you don’t believe me, here are some facts for you:

According to a research report by German Watch, Pakistan is the 7th most vulnerable country in the world to climate change. The greatest evidence of the climate change in Pakistan is the series of natural calamities that are striking every year. From the year 1996 to 2015, there have 133 such calamities that have been caused due to global warming and has affected the lives of a large number of population. The losses faced by Pakistan per unit GDP are 0.647 %, it should be an alarming situation for the concerned authorities.

The deforestation in Pakistan has dramatically dropped the forest land to 1.91% as recorded in 2015 which is the lowest in the history of the country.

Though Pakistan has taken some valuable steps by establishing an exclusive ministry to keep a check on Climate Change. The billion tree tsunami project in pursuit of afforestation has been remarkable as it restored 350,000 hectors of forest land.

The parliament of Pakistan is the first one to completely utilize solar energy for electricity. But in this crucial time, we have to ask ourselves are these efforts enough?

Pakistan where approximately 40% of the population is still illiterate, needs to spread awareness among the people regarding the climate change at a greater extent.

As we all may be aware or at least are the victims of the constant rise in temperature due to climate change, we need to consider a few things. We have to take serious measures to stop the temperature rise on priority basis so that the governments may pay attention to this issue.

The fact that all the teenagers alive today have never experienced a normal temperature in their lives and every year of their life is becoming hotter than the previous one (according to The YEARS Project), is enough to make this issue our utmost demand.

We should instantly join our hands with the world in limiting the rise in temperature below 1.5 degrees. In order to achieve that, we will have to shift our lifestyles and add 100% renewable energy resources in our lives.

A huge number of population of Pakistan still depends on the burning of wood as fuel for their domestic use which has been the main cause of deforestation.

The romanticizing of pure wood furniture should be abandoned and a better alternative should be applied.

As a conscious nation, we should ask our governments (both provincial and federal) to devise such policies that should implement the use of renewable energy resources such as wind power and solar power.

The projects for the generation of electricity by using coal as a part of CPEC project should be condemned and installation of Wind Mills should be encouraged.

Recycling of plastic and carbon tax are two important points that should be brought under a wide discussion by the people to force parliamentarians to give an eye on this important matter.

Hence, by raising this important issue that has been neglected continuously by the government, we can reach the goal of halting the rise in temperature. With our dedication, we can limit the rise below 1.5 degrees which will not only save us from a war-like situation but will also secure the future of the coming generations.


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  1. Mehr says

    I appreciate your emphasis on climate changes, should hv added flooding and ice melting on poles
    Best of luck for your next article

  2. K. R. Mirza says

    Yes. Very much alarming.

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