The Rizq Affair

Living in this time of global recession, we witness people and families tearing apart because of losing their jobs or businesses getting shut down.

If we look outside from our nutshell world, we will notice that on daily basis newspapers are reporting people being fired from jobs they were holding onto years and small business booming suddenly came to halt.

In Pakistan, many of us don’t care about the real reasons behind people losing their jobs, especially the ones who are married. We have put it on their wives who were supposed to bring rizq of their men. They have figured it out many years ago, with some ill-defined hadiths. We all know how to use our religion for our own benefits.

To be honest, if we try to follow or ask any authentic scholar they might not put this topic into limelight. But when we have to blame somebody, it’s easiest to accuse them of blasphemy – we have seen such cases in the near past.

As a nation, we are not so fit psychologically so we love to  stay passive and blame others for the problems in our life. We usually put all blame of our problems on nazar, jadoo, bivi ka naseeb and paida honey waley bachey ka naseeb. These are the things that our nation believes in – doing so we miss the common sense that one would get rewarded for what he struggles for.

Even for the society who blames it all on the woman should review the man in detail. The men get the house full of jahez because the women are responsible for their rizq. Then don’t even try to ever give her religious right haq-mehar because they are not responsible for her rizq.

Nowadays, many of the men demand or get cars in dowry because before the entry of his wife in his life, his rizq was not mentioned or determined by Allah.

No matter what the man does at his job, he is not responsible for his actions at work instead his wife is responsible.

I have, myself, listened to many women talking about how their husbands had the rizq flowing in the house but it’s not the case with their sons – all because of their ill fate daughter in laws.

I have a question to all these aunties who think that their bahu is responsible for the rizq of their son as mention in hadees. How come you in first place married your idiot son in the chance of he might get promoted with bachelor’s degree to CEO of the company by just getting married?

Our society must get mature on how this works in Islam. Islam simply states many times through veerses and hadith, that only good deeds; believing on Allah can make your rizq flow, not a woman.

Rizq is dedicated to everybody way before they are born which means that the concept of rizq associated with women doesn’t make much of a sense.

Each one of us is responsible for their own acts. By blaming others you can’t get out of the problems standing in your way. Because taking responsibility for one’s own actions is the most responsible thing we can ever do or pass to the next generation to make our country responsible and less blaming.


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