PSL: Entertainment barricaded is entertainment suffocated!

The historical city, Lahore, is hosting, apparently thrilling, entertaining and glittering Pakistan Super League chapter 3, 2018.

Declaring PSL – The National Cause, news media gratify the non-ticket holders and seduces the ticket holders many hours before the commencement of the so-called VVIP, high target value, and still a life changer step in the life of the Pakistani nation.

What do they tell and show to the viewers at home is sab-bohat-he-acha-scene-hai. The pretty faces (preferably the females – alternatively called as glamour or piece in journalistic operational slang), the fancy dresses, some dance, and spectators chanting “hmain bohat maza aa raha hai“.

To make it a little bit more than the national event, administrative officials, law enforcement agencies and political big shots pay their visit to the stadium to check the security arrangements.

Studded with heavy protocol, signal jammer vehicles and a lot of push n pull in name of their own security measures take that national entertainment to another height.

To make the entire situation lighter they use the cliché “poori Qom mutahid ho kr ye match karwa rahe hai. Aisi entertainment honi chahiye” and then the match kicks off.

The media cover the event with hashtag Cricket-Comes-Home and PSL-A-National-Event.

But sir, isn’t that too much sugar?

Yes boy! That is too much and is artificial too. Let’s put some salt and rub it onto the scene and for that ask a drone to rise above and show its bird’s eye view.


Ok! The historical city, Lahore, is hosting, apparently thrilling, entertaining and glittering Pakistan Super League chapter 3, 2018.

It seems that city’s roads are constipated, coagulated, barred and intertwined.

Here is the trunk line of city Ferozpur road, its barricaded. There are barriers and forces around Qadafi Stadium. Kalma Chowk to Muslim Town More has been declared a no go area and the rest of the road has the long queues of traffic wide spreading at one side from Kalma Chowk to Qenchi towards Ferozpur and on another side from Muslim Town More to Mozang Chungi.

Sir, Traffic on canal road is blocked too.

Frustrated from the situation people stuck at Campus Pull are hurling abuses and some of them have tried their long resting biceps as well. Three traffic wardens are trying their hard to keep the people calm in respect of the national event going on in the Qadafi Stadium.

Now, the drone scene is focused on the match spectators who have the tickets to witness the national entertainment physically on the spot.

The men, women, kids and youngsters are trying to reach to parking venues. Some are stuck in the traffic jam while few are marching to the stadium.

Passing through all these nerve testing steps, one who holds the ticket can enjoy this national entertainment show in the stadium and those without the tickets can watch the live coverage on their TV sets if they somehow managed to reach home in time.

Concluding it, I have few simple and closed questions. Why our state engineers try to give the national tag to anything which they want to keep out of the criticism and to be imposed on the people?

Entertainment which can only be provided by barricading the city is not an entertainment. Isn’t that turns into national agony if not calamity? And if an entertainment even though a national one, is such a painful act then what is the need to bring it in the home?

The management could have changed the time of the match to 9:00 pm to make it convenient for the public and the cricketers.

If barricading the city and clotting the roads with barriers and blockades are custodians of the national event of entertainment then sorry sir, this barricaded Entertainment is suffocating us.

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  1. Muhammad Asif Khan says

    You C again poor people of Pakistan are losers and riches above the law again enjoyed betting.Curfew imposed for non stop uninterruptible betting and rest of the city enjoyed this mode of cricket all the day on roads. No body knows how become it is difficult to earn a HALAL livelihood now a days. Selective justice leads to selective lifestyle and selective lifestyle leads to select livelihood and resultant definitely will not in the favour of us especially in the favour of Muslims. Which forces have changed us entirely, I think no one have time to think about that forces. Its a wake up call against selective life again.Wake up Pakistan Wake up.

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