Pak-Afghan Strained Relations

Pakistan and Afghanistan have never been on good terms since the establishment of our country. Afghanistan was the only country which opposed Pakistan membership in U.N.O.

After Zahir Shah collapsed in 1970 and Serdar Daud take over, Afghanistan relations started to deteriorate with Pakistan.

Afghanistan government blamed Pakistan for supporting Afghan religious clerics, Gulbadin Hikmstyar, Burhanuddin Rabbani and Professor Sayaf.

In 1978, Serdar Daud was deposed in a coup detat. A just one year after Zulfiqar Ali Bhutto was dethroned by a military regime of General Zia which brought both countries on more critical juncture.

When In 1979, Hafeezullah Amin was removed and Babarak Karmal took over the charge and Russia directly crept into Afghanistan proclaiming to support the revolutionary government there and to remove the chances of latter falling in the hands of the religious orthodox.

After Babarak Karmal took over in December 1979 with the help of Russian Army, Pak-Afghan relations became worst.

Most of the Mujahid in leaders got shelter in Pakistan and were patronized by Pakistani establishment on American directions because it wanted to estrangle Russians in Afghanistan and equalize its no what the latter did with it in Vietnam. America and West involvement in the dispute laid the situation deteriorated.

The then Pakistan’s military president General Zia ul Haq decision of estrangement in the war to justify his rule by Americans was drastic and left many implications on  Pakistan’s political and social scenario.

Mujahidin training camps in Pakistan and their use of its soil was the culminating point of both countries worsening relationship.

General Zia had the excuse that Russia has the designs to reach the hot water of Mediterranian sea and Pakistan was under the threats of the latter impending expansionist plans.Therefore it’s regime had to stop it in Afghanistan to be safe from its possible impending nefarious designs.

Whatever Russians plans were and how much generous American support was, these two superpowers war of interests damaged heavily both countries Pakistan and Afghanistan politically and socially. The latter was destroyed totally while Pakistan becoming a battleground and letting three million Afghans on its soil brought everlasting implications for its demography.

Except for five years of Taliban regime, from 1996-2001, both countries have always involved in the blame game of patronizing each other’s opponents in their respective soils.

Pakistan after the collapse of Taliban regime tried its best to restore the cordial relationship with Afghanistan –  supporting it generously and donating millions of dollars for its reconstruction and rehabilitation process. But the majority and dominance of Northern Alliance in Afghan government did not accept the warm gesture of Pakistan.

Northern Alliance apparently has bent down towards India and Russia. Its dominance in coalition government doesn’t let president Ashraf Ghani enlarge a hand of friendship and cordiality towards Pakistan.

The growing interest and intervention of India in Afghanistan is the main reason for mistrust and tensed relations. Taliban cross-border activities are also one of the reasons for tension between both countries.

It is the need of time that both brotherly countries bury the past hatchet and try to lay down a foundation of a good relationship on a new footing.

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