Unwanted Depression: Exam Seasons

I just sat in front of the TV when a news channel gave this news breaking: ” 2 matric students committed suicide because they couldn’t get an expected result”.

I was shocked. Was this all the reason for killing themselves? Is this where life ends? I mean were they born to get 98% in an examination? How did just two years of studies decide their life?

I was completely blank. This is not right. This is not acceptable at all.

Maybe many of you have gone through the same. Maybe some of you cried too. Maybe some wanted to die too. This is the reason for picking this sensitive topic to write on.

Firstly please stop thinking life ends at some point. Never! Allah always gives you chances. It is completely ok if you haven’t done well at a certain stage of life. Go On! Be braver and make yourself ready for a complete new start.

It is not always important to be first. Everyone meets ups and downs. The class topper out in your class wasn’t this way since ever. He too had made mistakes. He too had failed in some tests. Life isn’t about Just getting marks. If you want to be something you need knowledge not marks. With the coming times, now people almost know nothing what’s in the book but they just have crammed it for marks.

“Tomorrow is my exam but I am not worried because one sheet of paper can’t decide my future,” said Thomas Edison. This is all I wanted to say. Why do you think one single exam would decide whether you deserve to live in the world or not.

Another legend said: ” No one could be so bad that they needed to die”.

God sent you to live and to be happy. To be said, sad at times too but he never wanted you to die.

The great legend Einstein was never allowed to enter in the class. His teachers used to call him a loser. Thomas Edison was never able to write properly. The Mona Lisa Painter Leonardo Da Vincci was so bad at studies that he was not able to get an admission in school. Harry Styles was so and at History that he failed twice. Steve Jobs could never differentiate between “b” and “d”.

There is a far longer list of the legends like them. But the question did they commit suicide? Did they end their lives? No! What did they do? They decided to do something’s that shocked the world andgave them an identity. That told the world that nobody is useless.

The leader of young generation Justin Bieber said: ” I thought I was useless but then I realized I breathe out Carbon Dioxide for plants.” This is the point. It is not your only importance. It’s only a sense of realizing. The use of these examples isn’t telling the readers to give up studying. Study hard. Try your best. But never ever think you failed. You aren’t a loser. You are a winner. No matter what.

Now another cause here is “parents” who ask their children to be the best. At the top. No.1 .  I can’t understand why do they want a topper in every house? Please do not force your children so much that they start feeling embarrassed in front of their own parents. Support them. Give them chances.

I know how supportive were my parents at the same stage. How my mother always told me that she knew how hard I had studied. Please don’t be this immature. Try to think of the effects of the same pressure. At the end the one who will lose their child is you. No one else care. Your children would be the one who would think their all importance was just getting marks and nothing else. Please set a good impression on your children. A parent means one who support their children through thick and thin. Stand for your child and make them productive members of society.

Ending up with these memorable words of Bill Gates: “Life isn’t just as simple as a piece of cake. It is a roller coaster ride that will take you through wins and looses. The winners are those who face and losers escape.”

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