‘Inexperienced’ – All those years of toil at university, but all you get is an internship offer

A major part of our early lives from high school to the university is a bitter, sweet and savory concoction of religiously maintaining numbers on one hand, to spending them on the other. All of that happens to be the make or break situation of any individual aspiring to become something. When you’re past all of that, on the verge of finding a space in the corporate world that you had so keenly prepped for, and you walk about with that delightful spring in your step only to come to a halt at a barrier with the words ‘inexperienced’ painted in red.

A reflection is all it’ll take for someone who’s through all those years of getting by and all they are presented with is an internship when what they’re actually seeking is a job, or an indifferent statement that you lack the experience to work.

As a junior, I can only visualize my senior as an old wrinkly person, visibly filthy with unkempt hair and a pair of eyes that look genuinely exerted – somewhat similar to the three witches in Macbeth. He speaks of the tales of the corporate world with disgust, and even more remorse he expresses towards his juniors bickering about their preciously kept GPAs, because he knows. The juniors merely shrug him off as a madman, but he responds with a bitter laugh, followed by a ‘You fools! You don’t even know you know nothing’ and disappears. As much as it seems overly dramatic, it is however the truth.Two parties – the one that remainsoblivious of their incompetence and the one that realize it all too late –both clueless on their own ends.

Even the greatest most prestigious institutions lack to fill in their graduates with the very concept of an actual work place environment. The real problem lies within the institutions where everything is taught and fed to all come down in the form of ink onto mounds of papers, the reason for this maybe the inability of the institution to locate a firm good and large enough to accommodate an influx of students,and provide them with a notable platform for internship. Seminars, empowerment circles and counseling all end up imparting some form of education, but they still fail to give an authenticity of a firsthand experience.

If universities rather than voicing to their students what they ‘should be doing’, by giving them examples of entrepreneurs, actually focus on ‘making them do’by putting forth opportunities for them which wouldin turn yield best results for both the institution and students. In fact rather than offering a single internship in the very last semester, one should be offered right after students declare their majors.

In this context, Quaid-e-Azamhad rightfully said “I must emphasize that greater attention should be paid to technical and vocational education”

On a personal account, when I first set out for a job the employer wanted more to do with my folder, carrying my credentials, than to what I had to say. You can be high spirited with the want to learn and grow but really the fact that you do get the job lies majorly on what you show and offer as credibility for your skillset. How your skillset is your ‘skillset’.

So friends, get experience before you’re deemed inexperienced and save yourself the let down when employers don’t blink an eye when they go all Jon Snow on you, because turns out ‘You know nothing, Jon Snow’.

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