Five iconic David Beckham ads and my heart to heart with ‘him’

If you are a big celebrity, a lot of the brands definitely want some of your time and if you are David Beckham, you fit the profile required for a lot of brands ranging from fashion and food to clothing lines.

Beckham, who inspired a generation of footballers and athletes across the world including developing countries, has had what most would define as the impeccably crafted career that began with soccer and is continuing as a cultural icon and one of the biggest brands in itself.

Here are five picks of Beckham’s ads:

David Beckham has been hired as the face for Burger King, decor, beverages and sportswear among other brands.

I’ll also just quickly use this opportunity to recall some of the fondest memories I have of my late teens when a guy named Satti (I’m forgetting his first name) used to play soccer in one of the grounds in Cadet College Kallar Kahar.

He was a senior and had love for football.

I never interacted with him but everybody knew the guy was a big Beckham fan and until then I was not big on soccer. I still am not. But the occasional YouTube vids titled ‘Sports respect moments’, ‘Soccer is religion’ and ‘Top 50 goals in soccer history’ among many that I watch, definitely would not have been my choice of entertainment if it were not for Satti.

I’m not sure if his name was Satti or he was called that by his fellows because Beckham was a seven (will always be).

That was a strict college, it had to be for its association with army and that means you are not allowed to play after the whistle is blown declaring that sports time was over.

On way back to my wing after refreshments I’d notice that some guys were still playing soccer and I’d look while passing by the ground to make out their faces and there was him, every single time, Satti, kicking the ball at expense of possible punishment for continuing to play past whistle.

Thank you Satti from Margalla Hills for introducing me to David f*****g Beckham.

Hopefully you are doing fine in your life and continuing to love soccer because some things should never change. They are us and we are them. I get it. I’ve my things, I know.


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  1. carolah says

    Age is the best thing Russell has going for him right now. At 24 he could make a course correction, I don”t think he will. He could be reasonably listed in Tier 5, but I still think Anderson and Beckham put up better numbers this year. Were it a straight top 30 MLB players in dynasty, he would have made it, but with nearly a third of the list SS prospects – he got the bump, intentionally.

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