Working mothers are society’s role models

Mothers undeniably can never be replaced and are more precious than jewels and pearls. While talking about a ‘working mother’, I would say she is someone who is more than just a blessing.

We mostly may have seen people saying that a mother with a work life shows lack of care and often fails in bringing up her broodswith good manners.  After spending a whole busy day, shetakes out all the stress on her childrenand her family life is probably the most neglected one. There lies a list of negative views and concerns that the working mother faces.

A mother is a daughter’s first inspiration;daughters usually idolize their mums for all the aspects of life. And being the daughter of a working mother, I aim to show you the other side of the tale –the positive effects and angelic side of a mother who makes unending efforts for her family, apart from handling the household marvelously.

Staying at home and managing a home certainly is not as tough as stepping out, executing one’s job, returning back home and maintaining the family. A question arises here: why do working women pick up the tough and frenzied routine rather than the less hectic and easier life?

An answer to this query is that she does it for the better future of her children, to provide them with all those facilities that she might lacked in her childhood. She does so tosupport her husband not just morally but financially too, and to share the burden of responsibility of her spouse and at times to pay her part towards the society.

Is marriage and motherhood the full-stop ofhaving a work life? Possibly not!

If a woman is well-educated andhas worked hard throughout her life to be a professional, it will not be fair toconfine her frompracticing and spreading all that knowledge she gained and to use her skills to strengthen the family.

The topmost problem a working woman faces is gender inequality, whichhas grasped the people’sthoughts till now. Considering that a mother’s place is at home, she isn’t considered resourcefulenough at workplace.

Another issue she has to face is ‘lack of acceptance’. Today, the society has become judgmental and leaves no stone unturned to reinforce the limitations of a working mother.  No one is ready to be accepting.

In my opinion, great is that lady who plays her role for family and the workplace as well, despite facing several issues. The consequence of this struggle altogether has many positive effects on her children.

A working mother with brains,achievement and satisfaction can be a role model for her kids, especially for their daughters. When young girls grow up, they would find their mom as an example. It is due to the fact that their inspiration is right in their home. She can help her daughter break pigeonholes and work for whatever she desires to bring about in life.

A working mother raises the spiritsof herchildren to cope up with the pressures of responsibility. Having both parents working, each member of the family has to play a more dynamic role. Housewife’s children totally depend on their mother for each and every thing, while kids of a working woman learn to do their work by themselves without being dependent on anyone.Kids come out with the abilities that they would not acquire otherwise. Doing work on their own and being raisedas independent children prepares them for the real world and instills a sense of responsibility in them.

Kids of a working mothers relish extra pure loveas she always has a corner of affection in her heart for her children.The kids also love spending valuable time with mum. Those who have their mothers continually and willingly availablebecomeless affectionate towards their mums. When someone is always in sight, we fail to realize and appreciate their presence. Similarly, when children see their mother available for them 24/7, they often don’t realize her importance comparative to those children who have received limited, but quality time with their mothers.

Working mums tend to have bright minded kids, doing well in the school academics and dealing with their problems independently. This later helps them grow as self-sufficient individuals. Furthermore, the working mother pays back to the society. She is not only ideal and exemplary for her own kids but many other young girls may alsoget inspired by her –by how she manages family and work life.

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