Four ways to gauge your boss’s awesomeness

  • If your boss is always available to answer your queries
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You know you have a great immediate higher-up if what it is that is troubling you, you are able to discuss it with him/her, you have a boss that not many have. Cherish his company and appreciate his efforts to keep your life healthy.

  • If you boss is anything but bossy

Being bossy sometimes comes with being a boss, arguably. One could contend that the higher-up needs to dictate a times to get things done but if he acknowledges his weak moments, may be at the work place, may be on the telephone with you, probably discussing a deadline, you should know he is better than many.

  • If your higher-up has no issues guiding

There can be a lot of people who either cannot or would not take time out to guide the team to follow a path that is good for each individual.

If he guides you for your career graph beyond your official discussions, appreciate him.

  • If your boss feels for you when you are over-worked
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If your boss maintains a personal relationship with you and knows when you are over-worked, appreciate him.

An ideal higher-up should know his team members, a little bit at least, on personal level supplement the working relationship and add to the work environment.

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