Pakistan and Israel in the discourse of international relations

In ancient and medieval imaginations of political order a sovereign territory can survive in solitary,but in the realm of international relations, diplomatic contacts or ties between the autonomousstates are of utmost importance. In today’s arena of inter-connectivity and inter-dependence, no state can exist in unilateralism. For the acquirement of national interest every state has to develop economic, strategic, cultural and military associations—whether bilateral or multilateral. But Israel and Pakistan are exceptional, because both have failed to develop diplomatic bonds. If we analyze the pages of history then it could be seen that Pakistan and Israel have never indulged and involved in any sort of antagonism, hostility, animosity or clash.

These both are the only two countries who came into existence on ideological narrative—religion and after World War II. Both are security driven states that have countered the aggression of neighboring states—existential threat on the embodiment of an ideology. The security dilemma influenced both Israel and Pakistan to follow two distinct yet identical solutions, namely, extra-regional linkages and the nuclear option.

But here the purpose of discussion is not referring about their similarities and commonalities but the basic argument lies on giving importance to the probability of their relations and how it would benefit each other. Islamabad since her inception showed reluctance in accepting the birth of a nation on the land of Palestine on the basis of showing solidarity to Palestinian people and to her Arab allies. Although many of her Arab allies —Turkey, Egypt, and Jordan– have given recognition to the disputed piece of land and adopted soft stance and flexible policy.

Moreover, Pakistan’s religious notion and rhetoric doesn’t allow her to shake hand with Tel Aviv but here one thing is very significant that Quid-e-Azam wanted Pakistan to be liberal state on the lines of Islamic ethos that should not be hijacked by religious bigotry and prejudice – but the reality is contrary.

Furthermore, the reactionary politics of Islamic factions and response of general people could be lethal if recognition would be given to Zionist state. Mainly here the responsibility lies with the factors—media and civil society that are important to form, nourish and nurture the opinion of the general masses about the realities of international politics.

Pakistan’s generals wanted to have diplomatic bonding with Israel which can be assessed from their respective statements:

“Pakistan is like Israel, an ideological state. Take out the Judaism from Israel and it will fall like a house of cards. Take Islam out of Pakistan and make it secular state; it would collapse” – General Zia-Ul-Haq

“Pakistan has no direct conflict or dispute with Israel. We pose no threat to Israel’s security. We trust that Israel poses no threat to Pakistan’s national security. But, our people have a deep sense of sympathy for the Palestinians people and their legitimate aspirations for statehood”– General Pervaiz Musharraf

In the recent visit of Benjamin Netanyahu to India he clarified that Israel’s partnership with India is directed to four things and not to some specific country. “It’s directed to achieve greater prosperity and greater security for our people, better health, cleaner air, clean water, more productive crops, more milk per cow”.

Additionally, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu dismissed suggestions that his country’s partnership with India is a threat to Pakistan, saying, “We (Israel) are not enemies of Pakistan and Pakistan should not be our enemy either.”

The question which is of paramount importance here is what benefits and advantages both countries can acquire after quieting the quiet diplomacy.The answer is: Pakistan should support the Palestinian cause but after recognizing Israel she could use meaningful diplomatic measures—solidarists’ approach to pursue conflict resolution.

In context of strategic imperatives, Pakistan would be in a position to counter the contours of Delhi-Tel Aviv nexus, thus could create balance of power in South Asia. Similarlythe power hubs in Middle East could be influenced in a positive way because Pakistan enjoys sound relations with Arab world and recognizing Israel would create harmony in Middle East through mediation and conciliation.

Pakistan would offer Israel access to important countries like Iran—self-claimed theocracy and Saudi—self-possessed guardians of Islam Arabia—though Saudi Arabia has secret diplomatic alliance with Israel to counter Iranian influence in the region.

The strongest connection between the two states nonetheless is Abrahamic religion, which could play a role of abridge.This religious paradigm would create inter-faith harmony and would foster the tolerant and pluralist image of both countries at international arena.

Cultural exchanges are necessary.It could help students and travellers on both sides to exploit opportunities.

Tel Aviv has the strongest lobby in the world, recognition from Islamabad’s side would allow her to increase influence—soft power at international playground especially in US as Pakistan is experiencing flawed lobbying impacts as compare to Indian position.

On the economic front, Pakistan could be benefited from trading of cotton, gems, foods and other commodities. Moreover, military ties with Israel would definitely enrich Pakistan on the prospects of latest technology and nuclear capabilities.

In the current geo-political realities, rapprochement with Israel is the pragmatic attitude. Pakistan should quit its hardliner approach and accept the fact that Israel exists and acquire benefits to make her position strong in international community.

The same goes for Israel that her diplomatic bonds with Pakistan would neutralize her image at Middle Eastern region and world polity. Pakistan can establish relations with Tel Aviv on following models:

The Turkish model—Pakistan can recognize Israel without establishing diplomatic relations immediately.

The Jordanian mode—She can imitate the Jordanians and maintain close political as well as military relations with the Jewish state without granting any official recognition.

The Chinese model—She can adopt the Chinese example and view military contacts as a means of promoting political relations.

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  1. akmal moemin says

    it amazes me where pple of pak get their thinking from ,now let me put u right on few things (1)pakistan did not build a country on somebody else,s country so there is no comparing between pak becoming a muslim country to Israel who proclaim that god has given this land to them and the have some a divine right to kill Palestinians and take their land over.(2) pak has threats from its neighbours & israel is a threat to its neighbours(muslim neighbours that is) (3) as for what Quid-e-Azam said listen to the speech he made ,when Mountbatten said in his speech that we want see pakistan that of ideology of AKBAR baadshah & QUID said in his speech ,we dont need examples of the likes AKBAR when we have the example to follow of the greatest leader the world has seen or will see MOHAMMED peace be upon him, these pointers for u to remember .and now for relation with pple who sole purpose according Zionist is to destroy muslims ,i for one would shake their hand until justice is given to palesinians & even then i would count my fingers after shaking my hand , also note when writing dont write rhetoric when talking about pple who stand up for the true(& i dont mean them who kill & blow themselfs up cus they are not mslims) ideology of islam as the word rhetoric is impolite word.i am just waiting for someone to say from pak ,we should shake hand with devil cus we need get along with everyone after all..

    1. Soka says

      Nobody is destroying us .we are destroying ourselves .hiw many times a Palestine person has said anything for Kashmiris in India ? None .so why should we make Israel our enemy for Palestine people ?

      1. Buz Mikes says

        Because India will scuttle your plans to have meaningful relations with Israel. Strategic balance between India & Pakistan will never be allowed. Pakistan will be forced to remain a medieval jihadi state dominated by mullahs. Pakistan should never feel safe nor its people experience prosperity. Pakistan is condemned to suffer & fail. Millions of Pakistanis will continue to be killed for times to come.

  2. Jawaria says

    By all means we can’t leave the clear words mentioned in our Holy Quran. Hindus and jews can never be our freinds. Whatever we do in their favour will never leave a positive impact in the long run. Israel and Indian nexus will continue to grow as it is. Middle East is weak in designing their policies. Its even astonishing that Indian Prime minister had inaugurated idol worshipping place in Middle East. In KSA Israel has got the way to enter vis using the label of USA. So all the policies are in favour of jews. They don’t need our presence at all. Being Muslims we are their only rival. We would continue to be…

  3. Zain says

    Hahahahaha. People react emotionally always. agar itna he masla hai to Pakistan me jews ke banks band karden, jews products be band karden jaise ke pepsi cokes sab US imported goods. Sare musalman mulk ke kisi na kisi taran talluqat hain Israel se. Bus Islam ka alam Pakistan ne he uthaya hua hai. Ab Palestine ke India ke sath bhe relations hain. Pakistan ko ek power se relations rakhna manzoor nahen. Par corruption karna, milawat kar ke logon ki sehat se khelna, logon ka haq marna wagera wagera yeh manzoor hai. Tab kahan challa jata hai Islam ki taleemat.

  4. zain says

    Well written piece.

  5. Zain abedin says

    Well written article. Bravo.

  6. Zain abedin says

    People always here react very emotionally. Itni he enmity hai jews ke liye to Pakistan me jo unki companies hi, banks hi aur jo imported products hi. Unko boycott karo. Jitne bi Muslims employees hai unke liye alternative jobs do. Sirf emotional baaten karne se kuch nahen hota. Jews are powerful unke sath diplomatic relations sirf benefit he da ge. Palestine ne India se bhe relations bana liye hai. Hum apne dushman khud hai. Koe pragmatic decision making nae karsakte bus jazbaati baaten karte hai. Dosre muslim mumalik ke be taluqat hai. Yan Islam ka theekha Pakistan ne he uthaya hua hai. Us waqt Islam kisi ko yaad nahen ata. Jab logon ki haq talfi kijate hai Pakistan ma, corruption ki jate hai, jab khane ki cheezon main milawat kar ke logon ko zindagi se khella jata hai, jab zainab jaise waqayat hote hai. Allah bachye humare mulq ko conservative soch se. Jo quomen halat ko dekhte hue faisle nae karte zawaal pazeer hojate hain.

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