The only possibility for stability in the region is through cooperation

The major stakeholders in Pakistan should be more worried about their home then taking the responsibility of finding solution to the issues found in the neighboring countries. India blamed Pakistan for the November 2008 Mumbai attack without giving solid proofs and the whole machinery of the country, setting aside the national issues, started following the orders of India. Some politicians and media channels even solidified the Indian claim that Ajmal Kasab, the main perpetrator, was Pakistani. Pakistan was not given any access to the attackers. Kasab’s accent was peculiar and his usage of Bhagwan in his confessional statement raised doubts about his nationality and religion. Moreover, the terrorists’ phone recording was disrupted by the Indian officials in that they evidently claimed that they were from India. Every attack in India raises alarms in Pakistan. Just recently, six Indian army personnel were killed in Jammu and Kashmir and Indian pointed fingers on Pakistan without providing any unyielding evidence. The same is the case with Afghanistan that is following India in this regard.

What about the attack inside Pakistan? Is there any country responsible for that? If yes, then did it officially proclaim that it would help Pakistan in punishing the terrorists? There are clear evidences that India is using the Afghan and the Iranian soil to fan insurgency in the crucial province of Balochistan. Kulbhushan Jadhav was the part of the network that has been killing Pakistanis for years.

Pakistan has been suffering from the so-called war on terror, which was initiated by America with the purpose of maintaining peace in the world. In fact, it shattered the peace of many countries. America considers the third-world with contempt and scorn. It has been the super power for years but never indulged in productive activities – rather it kept on bearing down on the meager economies of the world.

Right now, its blind support to India gives message to Pakistan that it is time to restrain its relationship with America. Our political and military elite need to comprehend that Americans are acting with hostility and they want to give India a key role in the region. The US wants to see India, its right-hand, that could control the vital part of Asia. This dream is not going to be true, as now is the time to maintain equality and justice among the nations.Moreover, other leading powers like China and Russia are not going to let it happen.

America has around 11,000 troops in Afghanistan with all the most up-to-date equipment, but instead of getting rid of the ‘dangerous terrorists’ they multiplied their strength and number. The incumbency of the far right-wing Donald Trump has created more issues for Pakistan. He has decided determinedly to make Pakistan the scapegoat for American failure in Afghanistan.

Trump would never give time to the Pakistani premier and other top officials the way he gives to Modi –the same was the case with Barack Obama. American Secretary of State and some specific senators have been given task to deal with the top leadership of Pakistan. This shows the stature of Pakistanis.

On the other side, Afghanistan is also not happy with Pakistan. There are more than four million registered refugees, and many millions of them are unregistered, living in various parts of Pakistan. They are earning livelihood with esteem and honor, but Pakistanis are still considered enemies in Afghanistan. Making matters worse, some local sub-nationalists, religious and non-religious, give undue justifications of Afghans living on Pakistani soil. They too believe Pakistan is responsible for the mess created in Afghanistan – even knowing that the prime responsibility lies on the shoulders of America, Afghanistan, and now India. Indian involvement is going to prolong the war. The dreadful thing that our politicians do not comprehend is that India wants to make Pakistan remain indulged in the war in Afghanistan, while making economic and non-economic progress on its own soil.

Pakistan should stop giving guarantees for peace in Afghanistan, India, and any other place of the world. Pakistanis are already encircled by a gruesome vicious circle. Politicians, instead of strengthening their regime by inducting their kith and kin in the central posts, should mull over the general public that is waiting for a genuine, transformational leader to have them out of this circle. Furthermore, the world including America needs to understand that it is the collective responsibility of all the international stakeholders to work hand in glove with each other to maintain peace in the region. Lastly, Pakistan cannot be made a scapegoat for their failure.

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  1. akmal moemin says

    very good write,,if only leaders of pak could think pakistan and not just think of filling their & their family’s pockets then the rest problems could be faced & sorted ,but unfortunately they want yell all day & every day mujay koun nakala & sad thing is that pple of pak come to support these so called leaders

  2. Ahmed says

    Exactly, Pakistan is not solely responsible for the peace in the region. All stakeholders should come forward and agree on a common agenda.

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