Liaqatpur’s PP-286 is a nightmare for girls’ education

Equal educational opportunities for girls at secondary level in PP-286 looks like the least of the priorities for elected members and concerned authorities. PP-286 is composed of rural areas of Tehsil Liaqatpur of district Rahim Yar Khan. Mr. Qazi Ahmad Saeed is the sitting MPA from this constituency on PPP’s ticket.

Three times consecutive winner Mr. Qazi Ahmad Saeed couldn’t give his constituents a single additional girls high school in the last five years.The only girls school that is upgraded to secondary level is Government Girls High School Amin Abad that was upgraded in 2012.

The whole constituency has only two schools for its female population. The second school with secondary status is GGHS PaccaLaran, which was upgraded in 1982.

After 2012,no high schools for girls have been provided so far. According to Annual School Census (ASC) 2016-17, PP-286 has a total 235 schools, out of which 194 (83%) are primary while the number of elementary schools is 25 (11%).Meanwhile, the ratio of girls’ schools at primary and elementary level is 40% and 56% respectively.

Problems for the girls start at secondary level, where not only a major gap in boys and girls’educational facilities can be observed, but one can also notice severe shortage of girls’ high schools in PP-286.

Three time elected Mr. Qazi Ahmad Saeed’s constituency has only two high schools for girls as compared to 13 high schools for boys.The ratio of high schools for girls and boys is 13% and 87% respectively.

The misery of girls’ education is not limited to unavailability of high schools,even girls who are going to the existing high schools of the constituency also face the lack of basic facilities, like teaching staff and furniture.

According School Education Department’s Online School Portal both schools collectively have more than 600 students without furniture, while in GGHS PaccaLaran nine out of 16 teaching staff posts are lying vacant.

A significant difference can be seen in PP-286 and in its adjacent constituency PP-287 where girls have not one or two, but 10 high schools.This constituency is composed of Liaqatpur city and Cholistan area and Mr. Mian M Islam is elected Member Provincial Assembly from here on the PML-N ticket.

According to Article 25A,the state is responsible for providing free and compulsory education to every child,from age 5 to 16, but the condition of PP-286 shows state failure to protect basic rights of its citizens. The state as well as elected representatives need to revisit their priorities in allocating budgets as no long-term development can be achieved by keeping women deprived of education.

Qazi Ahmad Saeed, the concerned MPA, should be held accountable for consciously neglecting appropriate educational facilities for its female constituents. Election 2018 is the best time to practice this accountability as the elected representative would be going door to door to ask for votes.

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  1. Haseeb Ayazi says

    Dear Sabah,
    Thank you for raising your voice on Education in Liaquatpur. If we compare the overall condition of South Punjab with “Takt-e-Lahore”, One can how much neglected we are.
    Please keep raising your voice for Education in Rahim Yar Khan.

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