Faithless injustice

The blurry line, where the land meets the sea

Weightless words, hang in thin air,

Unguided, directionless, just hot air.

The face of humiliation,

The face of shame,

The face of conceit, a web of deceit,

The face of treachery,

The face of pretence,

The face of cunning, an artifice,

The endless faces of jiggery-pokery,

How many more faces does the narrative uncover?

How many faces do these people wear?

It’s her face, the faithless, hopeless victim,

Suffering your indiscretions,

This tyranny has to cease,

Voiceless, oppressed, murdered dreams.

Do you see the angels weeping in heaven?

Do you hear them chant: Allah Hu- Allah Hu?

A sick reflection of this society,

What a horrific face of humanity,

Clothes torn, flesh eaten by vultures,

Raped, strangled, discarded in a garbage heap.

Your face, my face, the face of this Town!

The veneer of our civilization, our respectability,

It’s the diseased reflection of this society,

Even the silent waters have begun to cry,

Our rivers are murky, like our lives,

Is it not time to dredge our souls?

Our spirits, like our gaze stand vacant,

Why do we remain quite in the face of injustice?

“Injustice anywhere is a threat to justice everywhere.”

How many faces do you people have,

How many masks have you acquired?

One for the jury, one for the authority,

One for the party workers,

One for the containers, parked in our city,

One for the world leaders,

One for Davos

One for the World Bank

One for the IMF

One for joy

One for the kill.

Beneath all these facades, lies shame and guilt,

Shame, shame, shame, bleeds the sky!

Shame, shame, shame cries the earth!

Shame, shame, shame on our garments

We proudly display, for the world to see.

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