Why I condemn radical feminism

Needless to say, feminism has empowered women indefinitely, but for all the wrong reasons. In psychology, Alfred Adler theorizes the importance of superiority for individuals. In the present day and age, women are chasing their dreams, exercising their right to vote and encouraging fellow counterparts to follow their lead. However, in view of women opening up about their personal experiences regardingsexual harassment and violence, several men have had to put up with fabricated lies and false accusations directed at them.

It goes without saying thatmany men have exploited women and prompted sexual advances but, at the same time, women have wrongfully used the victim card to their advantage and continue to do so.I firmly believe that not all men are sexual predators and not all women are naïve. That said, radical feminism has received widespread attention over the years and I condemn it to its core. The term calls for a complete extermination of men by means of speech and vehement actions. There have been several instances of radical feminism in recent history; the infamous radical feminist, Valerie Solanas, authored the controversial book SCUM Manifesto, which endeavored to eradicate the male sex ad infinitum.

The dynamic of the world is changing steadily and women are voicing their opinions to get back at men and prove them wrong. They are tearing corporate sectors into shreds and forgingtoxic accusations aimed at the opposite gender to get ahead in their careers; indeed, it is a gross miscarriage of justice and has turned the tables for good. If calling out men and falsely blaming them for social injustices screams the right to freedom for women, I happily contest.

It is not considered a norm for men to accuse women of violence and sexual advances as the idea sounds rather unconventional. It only sounds believable when women say it. However, I have questions. Why is that women’s right to freedom takes precedence over issues of utter importance, such as child sexual abuse or other crucial cause? Why do feminists hold men accountable for everything? The word f-e-m-i-n-i-s-t itself perpetuates gender biasness and misandry.

Many women perceived as innocent get away with countless crimes and deceitfulclaims. They are not at all judged or held accountable for it. Why so? I, for one, believe that women are committing the same crimes men carried outdecades and centuries ago. The only difference, however, is that of manipulation, not violence. Believe it or not, matriarchy is taking charge of the world and is based entirely oninjustice.

As an individual, I firmly believe in equality and justice for all; liberalizing women is not the answer to our societal problems. There is a clear difference between empowerment and self-serving manipulation. After allegations of Harvey Weinstein surfaced, countless women shared their stories with the world; however, individuals who have experienced sexual harassment or trauma in the past are unableto come to terms with their reconstructed life let alone speak the truth.

One of my favorite psychologists, Karen Horney discussed neurotics and their need for affection, admiration and love. To accomplish these ‘normal’ goals, they opt for ‘abnormal’ means to achieve them. That said, several women have found their new way of life; to mask their insecurities, manipulate minds, persevere and repeat! It serves as their defense mechanism. As Horney famously said, ‘The perfect normal person is rare in our civilization.’

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  1. David L. Hanson, Ph.D. says

    “In psychology, Alfred Adler theorizes the importance of superiority for individuals.”

    This is a very poorly informed statement. Go to http://www.alfredadler.org and learn something about Adlerian Psychology.

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