Hoodbhoy launches Twitter-fueled rocket into space from Facebook page

Today is a landmark a day in history of people kind as Pakistan’s Dilon Kay Scientist (Scientist of hearts) Pervez Hoodbhoy has launched a Twitter fueled rocket into space.

The rocket was formally launched from Hoodbhoy’s Facebook page which entered space at 26:00 pm local time (again DilonKa Time) while a huge number of scientists (no one) was present on the occasion.

The theoretical and practical work for such a complex project was carried out on popular social media sites Facebook and Twitter.

The liberal-cum-leftist engine uses anti-Mullah and anti-Army curses as rocket propellants with camera capable of tracing and eliminating burqa-clad women and bearded men even from a whooping distance of 100,000 light years.

Hoodbhoy envisages that rocket would significantly accelerate scientific projects in Pakistan by reducing the size of woman’s clothing.

The state-of-the-art Hoodbhoy’s space station has been erected at a mammoth cost of 15,000 pro-Valentine’sDay posts.

A day before the launch, Hoodbhoy said he wasn’t feeling nervous as history hasn’t witnessed a great like him.

Flabbergasted by the sudden launch, both NASA and SpaceX have asked CIA to immediately demolish Hoodbhoy’s Facebook facility as it poses significant challenge to their space hegemony while Israel is pressurizing India to carry out a surgical strike to flatten the state-of-the-art facility. Similar voices are being raised in Pakistan also as Hafiz Saeed accused Hoodbhoy of providing safe havens to ‘agents of liberal chaos’.

It is pertinent here to mention that Hoodbhoy has introduced groundbreaking theories including Quantum theory of liberalism, Heliocentrism (science revolves only around Facebook and Twitter) while he has also redefined Einstein’s general theory of secularism relativity.

Hoodbhoy has also served as NASA’s Dilon Kay Chairman from 2105 to 2210.

Note: This is a piece of satire

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  1. Saka says

    Useless article not making any sense just like “tajreedi art paintings “

  2. Yusaf says

    This is a very interesting article and amusing at the same time. People like asma jhangir, hooobhoy , hussain haqqani are the waste of this country trying to malign pakistan 24/7

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