Thank you PEMRA for banning media coverage of Valentine’s Day

PEMRA reminded the media organisations that they will have to ensure the ban on promotion of the Valentine’s Day celebrations in accordance with the orders of Islamabad High Court (IHC). Easily the best decision made in Pakistan after the nation successfully voted in favour of Biryani without potatoes and helped the cause win marginally against the potato apologists, giving much-needed end to the debate.

In fact, the petitioner who filed the case in IHC during early 2017 claimed that Valentine’s Day is spreading “immorality, nudity and indecency” in the country. Keeping all differences aside, ask yourself once: is there any decency in selling over priced flowers and substandard chocolates?

Why should we celebrate a particular day and benefit these greedy consumer goods’ manufacturers and retailers? This is only acceptable on Eid.

Think about all the single people who will face mental torture on the lovers’ day. Is it fair to them? They will surely not be pleased to see so many restaurant deals for couples only. Since it is election year, one can even expect Islamabad lockdown by all the friend-zoned and single individuals, demanding an end to their lonely lives.

And then there are people who defend celebrating V-Day,saying it is a day to cherish love, all kinds of love, and go on to thrust family relations including mother, family, children, siblings, aunty, uncle, grandparents, and even neighbours. Are you serious? How can someone give those shocking red balloons to phupo?

I’m sure family members are okay without expressing their love for each other. We all know it’s only for lubby dubby creeps – all those couples who are anxious to throw in the occasional gifts for one another. Since chocolates make you fat and flowers die in a matter of days, ban Valentine’s for good and save them all some money.

Now that we have successfully torn down the immoral practice of rejoicing affection, it is time to move towards a much better alternative –Haya Day. Rather than celebrating love, we can now return towards our lost morals.

For a start, all men shall make a commitment of not discussing their favourite topic: women. You may disagree with the term Haya Day – which seems like calling out all the girls named Haya on Feb 14 to meet their loved ones and roam around freely – but it reflects the seriousness of our dedicated moralists to omit the unwanted, alien culture.

President Mamnoon Hussain had too once voiced against this heinous act, asserting that the western tradition is not part of “our culture”. Although he made the particular speech in English and is often seen dressed in a suit, he is right. Our culture had shut its doors on all foreign cultures after the overwhelming consumption of Arabian and British customs.

It’s really pleasing to see our state institutions focusing on the real issues of the people, and eliminating the ultimate terror from the society.Public show of affection should remain prohibited since it violates the very basic right of the individuals: singlehood. 

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  2. akmal moemin says

    WHAT A LOAD CRAP U WRITE,i live in uk and no not every body celebrates v day even in uk .the only muslims who celebrate v day are lost morons ,and why do u pple in pak always embrace everything bad from west & other cultures, why not for a change adopt some good things like ,being law abiding citizens &go to uni,s for education not flirting with girls etc u pple wont even leave woman alone on bus let alone working in same place or anything.and seeing its a muslim country why not even follow some sunnas for our beloved prophet , and then maybe other will copy ur traditions & maybe the country wont be in such bloody mess

  3. Outmarketing says

    Thanks, Cynthia and By Umair Sohail!

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