If your office life is monotonous, do this

It is very easy for any job holder to not feel enthusiastic enough to carry on with his/her days the entire week with a repetitive schedule.

If you find yourself gasping for fresher moments in your office, I recommend you cultivate the following practices to meet your rejuvenated self.

1- Headbutt a colleague

Your day is going to change 360 degrees if you headbutt a colleague, and another 360 degrees if it your immediate boss.

Feel the rush. Pump some adrenaline. Do some headbutting.


2- Frog-leaps in office aisle

From cadet colleges to physical training hours in civil schools, frog-leaps are not famous for no reason. Why stop taking the leaps when you are all grown up. Do the leaps. The legendary frog-leaps.

3- Purposeless eyerolls

4- Burst some bubbles

5- Say random hellos

6- Chuck some garbage

6- Pick your teeth from that big dinner

These are few of the practices that you can cultivate to have your days brightened up. However, I’m going to disclaim that this will work for everyone, only the sanest of us.

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