‘Khaani’ is a trigger that fantasizes emotional abuse

Social media, nowadays, is flooded with posts related to the ongoing drama serial Khani. Its OST (Original Sound Track) has crossed 10 million views on YouTube. One becomes so curious of what’s inside this super rated drama, while repeatedly seeing news about the serial on their timeline. Let me clear one thing, romanticizing emotional abuse in the form of TV entertainment is a big question. On one hand there are campaigns held by media to cater with sexual abuse, and on the other hand the same media is creating a pleasure feel for emotional abuse. Isn’t it contrasting?

The most interesting part is that Mir Hadi who is a feudal landlord’s son, a male chauvinist and the killer of heroine’s brother is being fantasied as a Disney hero by youth. As when he fell in love with the same girl whose brother he had murdered, he left no stone unturned to get that girl. Neglecting the emotional pain which he is giving to the girl and her family just to get her, people are going crazy for the storyline of the drama. So the core message which I have derived from this drama is that if a guy, no matter if he is your brother’s murderer, is going bonkers for you, you are the luckiest girl.

There went a trend when each and every drama was focusing to romanticize the concept of ‘rape’. Now, this drama, carries the concept of ‘lunatic love’. The thing is that our society is seeking pleasure in pain. People are trying to escape from the real life situation by comforting them with these types of relaxers. Nothing will happen but this will surely upraise the level of love fierceness among the coming generation at a subliminal level. It will communicate a message that just because you are a landlord’s son you have every right to get your desired thing, no matter by hook or by crook.

It’s very sad to know about the rising figure of self-killings of teenage girls and boys in the country if they fail to get their love. I have heard a lot of stories in which the boy firstly kill the girl and then shot himself dead. I am afraid that dramas of such types would increase that suicidal trend. We need to understand that emotional abuse and love are two different concepts. Nobody has the right to approach anyone without their consent.

I am repeating again that media shouldn’t fantasize the idea of mental torture in the name of love. Just because everyone’s TV is switched on at the prime time on every Monday, doesn’t mean that this is a success. Inserting the wrong idea in the minds of people is no achievement. People should make themselves self-aware of what they and their kids are digesting. We have to consider the deep rooted effects it will engrave on the minds of little ones. Unhealthy entertainment should be discouraged.

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  1. Shaharyar Ali Khan says

    100% Agree. That’s what I was saying. Larkian pagal hoi bethi hain Respected Hadi ke pechay jaise tamghay-e-husn-e-karkardagi mila ho usey. Itna acha lagta hai tau marwa lo apna bhai us se bhi karna isi tarah pyar. Sare larke aise hi hote hain pehle mar rahe hotey hain bad mei larki ko mar rahe hotey hain. Whats new? And the writer of drama says ‘He is the main character, which is a little negative, but Feroze is also a hero.’ Little negative? Yeah than every corrupt who falls for the girl after killing her brother is a damn hero. For God sake.

  2. Khani says

    Keep It Up Girl

  3. Saher nano says

    I support your point of view. In fact I was thinking to write something similar you have written.

    1. Muqaddas says

      Thanks 🙂

  4. Najeeb says

    I would not negate your ideals on this drama as the story seems like that it came out of the mind of a crazy person but none the less the way of presentation is good and as of now I have not been able to watch the series due to reasons but as long as there is something to watch and people in high masses watch it at a weakly bases does make it super hit. The only problem i see with all this is the age rating of this show younger minds have a more open subliminal conscience thus would lead to abrupt behaviors and suicidal tendencies as love is something not everyone gets on there first attempt and most do think of suicide as a option thus leading me to believe that such stories should not be made for people below a certain age and physiological factor does apply….

  5. NAJEEB says

    Phycological factors sorry AUTO CORRECT MISTAKE

  6. Waqas rao says

    Agreed ..creation of a sick mind .. there is already too much of depression prevailing around .. writer should present bright side of love … Please let ppl be happy .. one gets really disturbed after such a story …

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