10 things that can help you live beyond 100 years

Results of a 50-year study in Sweden investigating centenarians revealed that all men in the study were born before WW1, but only 10 of the original 855 survived until their 100th birthday. All were non-smokers, who had kept themselves slim and fit and who had good posture, low cholesterol and low blood pressure. All had still been in active work until at least the age at of 54; had owned their own home by the age of 50. Having mothers who lived into their 80s or 90s was also important. Most of the men had also not developed dementia and were still bright and active.

My list of ten must dos:

1) Enjoy deep and meaningful relations

Loyal and trustworthy friends, family, parents, children and spouses are the integral relationships that must be nurtured and enjoyed fully. That means taking time out to meet, play and laugh together. Have a smile on your face every day, thinking of these happy times. Research shows happily married couples live longer, so have a physical, loving relationship with the spouse and stay cheerful.

2) Exercise

Work out forhalf an hour every day, five times a week or walk to work. Running or brisk walking is the best as it strengthens the lower limbs. Swimming or any physical sport which helps you break into sweat five times a week, is important to keep all the body functions going and the mind fresh.

3) Don’t retire

Keep busy working in meaningful occupation. This could be growing a farm, building a business, working in an office, studying further, volunteering. Don’t retire to a sedentary life; it is poisonous to the soul.

4) Eat healthy

That means 100gms proteins, vitamins, minerals, fresh vegetables, fruits and organic food everyday along with essential supplements. No alcoholic drinks and drugs and no white sugar in the diet; preferably no sugar at all. Quit smoking.

5) Meditate or offer prayers of gratitude

Allot times for prayer every day. Prayer is food for the soul. No wonder every philosopher and prophet has recommended prayer at different times of the day, especially at dawn and dusk. It keeps the mind and body in harmony. What could be better than leaving all your fears for the higher power to settle?

6) Sleep early

Get at least seven hours every night. Reward your lovely self with a good night sleep with your partner close by and get up early. There is a fixed cycle of biochemical reactions that meant to detox and repair the body, which are timed to switch on soon after dusk and switch off before dawn. Let the body do its job.

7) Plan to own a house and be financially secure by 50

The relatively rich do live longer. So aim to have your own nest and steady income by 50.

8) Allow someone to say thank you to you every day

Do something useful for someone else, just to hear them say thank you. It would build positive Zen around you, because what goes around, comes around. Have a higher purpose in life besides your own self.

9) Do work that you love

If possible, only do the work that you enjoy. Try to make your hobby, your primary source of income. Money will follow soon, but the pleasure will be instant.

10) Get a life mentor

Every successful person has one. Not everyone has the god gifted ability to self-navigate. Some lucky people have parents in that role, if not look around, you’ll know when you see one.

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