The society’s role in Asma’s murder

We are living in a society which claims to be civilized but the facts are contrary to it. We can kill someone who differs with our opinion, we can gag the dissents, we feel no shame in shedding the blood just for the sake of egoism.

Our claims are skyrocketing that we have emancipated women from the shackles of barbarism and they are not ensnared anymore in male designed cages but the recent incident has exposed hollowness of our slogans.

Asma Rani, a medical student, who dared to step out of her home and dreamt of becoming a professional, was brutally killed by an influential murderer who wanted to marry her. He considered it an insult to his ego that Asma had rejected his proposal.

After taking life of the innocent victim, he preferred to flee abroad. Such morons are reflection of the parochial minded approach of our society.

Social media is flooded with the condemnations but still there are many who are trying to justify the gruesome murder. They are conjecturing that the deceased girl would have cheated him and the jilted lover would be traumatic.

This is the mindset which has plagued the pragmatism and sanity of our society. A girl has no right to break up the relationship even if she is tortured or victimized in any way because her refusal could hurt the ego of the brutes. Furthermore, she could face slut-shaming and blackmailing by her ex-lover. But the males are free to do anything with a sense of impunity.

Asma was not the first girl to be targetted for saying “no”, neither will she be the last one. It is becoming a normal practise to kill,maim or disfigure women and to write or speak about it is becoming a platitude.

The clouds of pessimism are hovering over the sky but we are not allowed to surrender before the evil forces. Let us make a solemn pledge that we will play our part to change the course of tides which if not stopped will flood us.

Let us start promoting respect for women. Let us allow them to breathe in a free environment.

Women from all nooks and corners of Pakistan need to stand up against injustices and cruelties meted out to them. Men should also stand by them.

Progressive elements of society need to create awareness among masses. The archaic and orthodox mentality needs to be crushed.

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