Five love tips I got from The Spectacular Now

You drinking alone is bad

Drink together. Share your whiskey. Share it before a party, after a party and while at the party. Sharing is caring. If you ask a girl out to prom or what here in Pakistan we refer to as a fancy dress party, gift her very own liquor container with her name engraved in it.

Throw her out of your car

If you are really angry because your father who abandoned you at a tender age, did not turn out to be what you had expected of him at the first meeting after years and your girl nothing but caring and supportive to you over gut-wrenching experience, throw her out of the car on way back.

Have a heart to heart with your teachers

When it is time for you to get your potty together and graduate, you’d know because there’d noise all around you. Graduation noise. People’d be discussing either of the two, which university they have applied to for admission and where you should apply.

While all that is happening, you should have a heart to heart with at least one of your teachers and tell him/her that you find nothing exciting in being an adult and you don’t get it why you have to move ahead.

Throw one of these before you leave: “Are you happy?”

Be awesome

Be your ex’s favourite ex

Be such a good boy, or ‘bad’, depends how you look at it, that your ex tells you that you are her favourite ex-boyfriend.

This work is a non-serious piece of fiction inspiration of which was drawn from fictitious The Spectacular Now which is truly a spectacular piece of fiction.

Watching The Spectacular Now on my off-day was meant to rekindle my romance with Miles Teller and Shailene Woodley and it did just that.


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