There’s nothing shameful about studying arts

Last night during a family dinner my sister asked whether our niece was going to study Arts or Science in her 9th class, to which her mother firmly replied that studying Arts for her daughter was simply out of question.

While I was hearing the conversation, I thought about this Arts vs Science debate, which has grown old but our treatment toward a student studying Arts subjects has remained the same.

There is this notion that a student who studies Arts is considered weak and there is this perception that after studying Arts subjects, one can’t get many jobs.

There’s no denying the fact that after studying Science subjects a student will have more doors of opportunities opened to him, but it never means that it is only a weak student who studies Arts.

It all depends on the capabilities and interests of a student in life.

A student can’t be forced to study Science subjects, for if she or he is facing difficulty then it is the responsibility of parents and teachers to guide the student according to his or her abilities.

It happened with my younger sister that in her first month of studying Science in 9th class, she not only showed poor grades but faced difficulty in grasping the core knowledge. Her teachers and principal were quick to ascertain that studying Biology and Chemistry was tough for her.

It was her principal who proposed that it was better for her to switch her subjects to Arts and it was the best thing that happened to her.

She showed good grades in her exams.

My mother still faces problem in accepting this fact. She has this thing in her mind that when all her daughters have studied Science and when one of her daughters is a doctor then how on earth her younger daughter wasn’t able to study science subjects.

I consider it as motherly affection, but considering it in a larger perspective of life, I take it as a dangerous trend, because instead of giving confidence to our children we are trying to instill this thing in their minds that if they’re opting for Arts subjects in matric then it shows their weakness.

In order to move forward we need to get rid of this Science vs Arts debate. We need to accept that Arts is a mother of all sciences. And we need to understand that while it’s good to produce doctors and Scientists, for the betterment of society one also needs to excel in Sociology, Psychology and Political Science.

Moving back to that dinner time conversation in my home, my sister’s response towards the selection of the subjects of her daughter in 9th class was such that it gave an impression as if she considered studying Arts more like a stigma, which is wrong.

We need to change our perspective.And in order to move forward we need to get rid of this Science vs Arts debate in life.

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