Merely dismissing SSP Rao Anwar doesn’t provide justice to Naqib

Lately, the death of a youngster has caused a huge hue and cry around the country, especially on social media. The young person namely NaqibUllahMehsud was killed in a police encounter in Karachi.

The reasons for the encounter are yet to be proved with evidence. SSP Rao Anwar clarified his position by declaring him a terrorist having relations with the terrorist outfits TTP and BLA, he has since been removed from the post.

Pakistan with regard to the police encounters has been an outlandish place. Encounters are considered to be the cheapest mode of delivering justice. Political scores are also settled through them. The legal position of these encounters is yet to be interpolated by the authorities.

Making matter worse, some sub-nationalists made it an issue of ethnicity. Unfortunately, this sort of killing does raise concerns among the general masses, especially among those from whom the killed one belongs to.

Still fake, or even real, encounter is a national issue that really needs to be checked thoroughly to halt the way of sowing the seeds of hatred among the people for their protectors.

Our legislature and other political and legal institutions really need to ponder over the constitutional status of the police encounters. Without clear and strict delineation, I am afraid of the occurrence of more casualties which will happen and the justice will be denied. Among the masses, the police are already considered to be the source of trepidation instead of dependence and protection, and fake encounters can further agitate detestation.

The investigation of this encounter should be explored so that the status of Naqib and the police could be clarified. Frankly speaking, the boy does not seem to be a terrorist from his pictures passed on the social media and in real sense, he was more than a model and a loving father of three beautiful children.

What was the source of information of Rao Anwar that he assumed Naqib to be a terrorist?

Even if he was a terrorist, is it legally and constitutionally justified to have him killed this way?

If he was a terrorist in real sense, what is taking so long for the police to unveil the facts?

Mere statements are not sufficient to answer to these questions. And merely dismissing SSP Rao Anwar won’t provide justice to Naqib.

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  1. noman ikram says

    Ideally the Sindh police now should fix some pension for the Naqeeb’ s family

    1. Ahmed Niazi says

      hmm, but pension is not going to stamp out the major dilemma the stakeholders are facing. ppp has done nothing to reform the police.

  2. Ahmed Niazi says

    Pakistanis will keep on getting wrecked unless they keep on casting votes to conventional politicians.

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