Five reasons why child abuse is rampant in Pakistan

Child Abuse is a heinous crime which is increasing daily, if not hourly.Keeping historical facts in mind, Kasur alone has witnessed 12 cases of child abuse in last 12 months.The ratio of this crime has increased more than 2%-3% in the previous year in Pakistan.

Setting aside all emotions,feelings and sentiments, we have to find the root causes of these acts. There is a need to discuss practical steps that can help in the eradication of child abuse from our society.Here are some reasons behind abuse in Pakistan:

1) Late marriages 

Everyone has created the wrong concept of enjoying life. We have made marriage too difficult to perform. We have set high ideals that create barriers in getting married in time. But man cannot control his sexual desires; hence the only outlet is to resort to illegal activities and crimes.

2) Lack of sex education 

Sex education is still a taboo in our country. We believe that this is a matter to discuss in person by only the parents or guardians of children. If we educate our children about dos and don’ts, then it would be easy for them to avoid such elements. This will ensure that children receive the necessary education, regardless of their parents teaching them.

3) Pornography

It has destroyed the lives of young individuals. Pornographic content is very common over the internet. If you are looking for some stuff to complete your college assignment, it is not uncommon to see pornographic content appear in the form of ads or window pop-ups. The government should ban this sort of stuff in every possible way.

4) Bollywood

The vulgar scenes portrayed in movies are enough to corrupt young minds. Everyone idealizes the lifestyle of film heroes and tries to be like them. These movies may include content that could demoralize our society, for instance, extra marital relationships.

5) No rule of law

In this era, the law is dead. Nobody has fear of law enforcement agencies in this country as everyone is corrupt. People do not report cases because they believe that the police will bring more troubles for their family. The culprits are bailed and released due to insufficient evidence and poor investigation by police. There should be exemplary punishment for culprits. The state must take immediate actions to restore the confidence of people, especially in our law enforcement agencies.

We have forgotten our ethical values and teachings of Islam. I have pointed out some causes of child abuse and I believe that you are logical enough to make the right choices.

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  1. Yusaf says

    Masha Allah. Masha Allah what a great article.
    When i first read the article heading, i thought it was the same typical article that they usually post in the west, articles full of crap regarding these issues.
    When i read your article, i was amazed how nicely you pin pointed the issues of our society.
    I would like to add here, that we all pakistani’s should abstain from attending marriage ceremonies (except for NIKKAH AND WALIMA) rest of the other extra occasions and extravagant marriage parties should be avoided, as this trend is making marriage very difficult for men that can not afford it.
    Its time to be simple and live a simple life. We need to spend the least amount of money on our marriages so we can give it to the poor. We need to help other men financially that cant afford to get married.
    Make Allah make Pakistan free of all haram ameen

  2. Zafar Iqbal says

    Very correct assessment pointing the basic problems destroying out society. A few more things are the TV channels promoting vulgarity, lack of Quranic education and utter refusal of society ( leaders and the led alike)to do anything about these issues. We need to arrest the downward travel of our society, else we will lose our identity, our country and our case in front of Allah swt on the Day of Judgement.

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