Five problems women face during menopause – and their solutions

When a woman’s reproductive life ends around fifty years of age, she experiences natural occurrence of menopause.

Menopause is a biological process. It’s not a disease, but what makes it problematic for the woman is her ignorance in dealing with the symptoms of this natural process.

Here are five problems that women face during menopause.

1) Mood swings

In menopause, due to a drop in estrogen level, women can experience sudden mood swings which includes irritability, feelings of sadness and lack of motivation.

For no specific reason menopause is capable of making a woman angry. I’ve observed this extreme anger in my mother’s mood that in order to get rid of her temper, while in kitchen or in her room, she liked to drop things on the floor in anger.


Doctors are not sure about the exact reasons, but it happens that in menopause sometimes bad cholesterol in the woman’s body gets higher. Now, it’s very important to understand the severity of this issue, because it can also becomethe reason for heart disease in a woman.

It’s important to note that in this critical phase of a woman’s life, she should not shy away in relating her symptoms with some experienced medical professional.

Before seeing a senior doctor my mother went to a gynecologist who after listening to her symptoms smiled and said that don’t you worry just keep your prayer mat ready for namaz, because now is the time for you to concentrate on ibadat.In no case was it serious attitude from any doctor.

And later when my mother went to a senior doctor, she not only prescribed her medicines, but also asked her for a complete blood test – which revealed an underlying symptom of high cholesterol in her.

3) Digestive issues

Most of the time the woman menopause experiences severe digestive issues during menopause. Eating certain types of food can create issues of bloating and diarrhea for her.

Lots of fibre and lots of water is highly recommended. Too much caffeine in the form of tea is never good in menopause.

4) Hot flashes

During menopause the most irksome experience which a woman has to bear is the occurrence of hot flashes. With severe form of sweating and with reddness on face, hot flashes are really bad.

In developed countries there are some types of jewellery items which keep you cool around the neck. It’s advisable to wear light clothes and drink lots of cold water, but at times hot flashes won’t go without the help of medicines.

5) Forgetfulness

My mother of 54 years of age has been experiencing all the bad symptoms of menopause from the last three to five years. After taking medicines she’s feeling better but the thing which annoys her is her state of forgetfulness.

Sometimes it bothers, but getting forgetful in menopause is natural. A woman should not get this thing too much on her mind.

In these past years when my mother started experiencing all bad symptoms of menopause, I as a daughter tried to make it seemed comfortable for her.

Changing one’s life style and adopting constructive hobbies is really important.

Today, when I’m matured and can understand the problems which a woman has to face in menopausal face of her life, I can now recall that my late grandmother who got widowed in young age had to face all these symptoms alone. At that time her daughters were married and weren’t aware of all the difficulties of menopause.

It’s for sure that menopause is not a disease and what makes it difficult to face is our ignorance.

Most of the times it happens that mothers, due to their lack of interaction with technology, won’t let themselves get aware of the latest literature regarding symptoms and treatments in their menopausal stage of life.

Daughters can play their effective role in this regard and husbands should understand the importance of their support and courage which their wives require from them.

It’s in the nature of woman that she hesitates to visit a doctor and it’s her husband’s job to take his wife to a doctor for the betterment of her health.

Symptoms of menopause among women vary. For some women it’s painful while for others they don’t feel anything.

Whatever the case maybe,the woman instead of ignoring the symptoms should understand that this stage in her life demands that she should change her life style and be ready to take care of herself.

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  1. Maria Jasmine Freeman says

    This is all thanked-for, and is v important, yet the symptoms mentioned remain the tip of the iceberg! Some women feel also severe muscle pain, literally invalidating fatigue, nausea, vomiting, vanquishing dizziness, overactive bladder, excruciating gripes and cramps, muscle spasms, restless leg syndrome, cough, dyspnea(breathing difficulty) and much more. My pains within a flash would drive me howling and my case was so extreme that I even developed seizures and gasping, multiply per day, from a perfectly sane individual.
    I learned menopause as a patient better than as a physician. Remember menopause can last for much more than a decade.
    It is v crucial for a woman to stick to a healthy diet, with fibers and beans, even long before menopause onset, to preemptively compensate by plant estrogens for the ovarian estrogen depletion. Yes indeed also, she needs to bravely endure, and for her family to understand that those changes are not “psychological” but indeed organic and biochemical due to estrogen depletion from the brain-affecting every single tissue in her body!!
    Mara Jasmine Freeman
    Dr Hana Fayyad

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