The mother has a pivotal role in educating her children

One of my neighbors was a CSP officer who was married to a guy who also after securing high marks in competitive exams was in the Police force. I was impressed with that couple. Especially the wife whom I considered well-versed in her communication and quite groomed in appearance.But later on when I came to know that a highly educated woman, who was also mother to three school going children,found little or no time for her kids, got them into tuition, and gave the reason that her kids were not in her control, my thought process started to change.I asked myself a question: how could a highly educated woman, who is enjoying a prestigious position in society, find little or no time for her own kids at home?

One of our old acquaintances was a teacher in a renowned English medium school in the city. The lady too put her kids in the tuition center, giving a similar reason that her kids were not in her control and she couldn’t find time to teach them.

It reminds me of my first experience of teaching boys of third and fourth grade in school. It was a hectic job. I remember there was a very mischievous boy in my class, and to my astonishment, his mother, who was a house wife and used to teach her boy at home, once admitted that she knew her kid well and is trying to groom him at home.

She was thankful to teachers for their support and guidance and I couldn’t help admiring the farsightedness of the mother who apparently was not doing any job, but knew her responsibility towards her kid. She was aware that her role as a mother in the initial studying days of her naughty boy was important.

From the above mentioned examples one should not conclude that a woman cannot pursue her career.My question is this: what’s the purpose of doing a job when your own kid is getting neglected at home?

It happens that in O Levels or A Levels, and in college and university sometimes,a student needs guidance which he can get from some trained personnel, but if a child is studying in primary school then a parent should give attention to his or her child at home.

As a teacher, it’s my experience that parents who teach their kids at home know well about their strengths and weaknesses of their kids and can handle them accordingly.

The purpose of the discussion is not to target those ladies who, due to some reasons or others, are left with no choice but to leave their home for work. I’m talking about those ladies, which include the likes of the CSP officer and a teacher mother, who’re pursuing their careers only to enjoy prestigious position in society and are neglecting their kids at home.

There’s no denying a fact that girls should complete their studies.But what’s the purpose of attaining higher degrees in Sciences and Humanities when a woman finds little or no time to help their kids in their studies at home?

One of my school friends has attained her BS in Psychology from Kinnaird college. She lives in a combined family system and due to support from her parents and husband she obtained her degree in MS after marriage – but these days she’s quite contended. Previously her five-year-old son was facing difficulty in his studies and right now, though she’s not doing any job, she’s satisfied not only because her son is doing well in his studies.She has also found time to help children of her housemaid in their studies.

In future she has plans to pursue a career in teaching, but right now when her kids are young, she’s happy because she thinks she’s utilizing her time in some constructive activity.

It never means that a father is exempted from his responsibility of taking care of his child.But in most cases when fathers are busy the mothers can easily help their children in their studies.

I’m a girl and I know that today in this fast moving society we girls study to earn money. Girls very much like to have an exposure to the outer world, but little did we realize that as mothers, when we’re raising our children, then we should not forget to take care of studying process of our kids.

Dad is as good in evaluating his child, but the mother knows her child best.

It doesn’t matter if you’re a working lady or a house wife. It never counts if you’re just FA or did your Masters in Urdu. The thing that matters is your vigilant eye and your determination to help your child in his or her studies.

In the end, I would like to give the example of Benjamin Carson’s mother.

Carson is a famous neurosurgeon from John Hopkins university. His mother oftentimes worked long hours and as a single mother did two to three jobs to keep Carson family afloat.

Sonya Carson’s example is an example of lady who was educated only to third grade yet she knew her responsibility and raised her two kids in a way that one becomes an engineer while other went on to become renowned neurosurgeon.

Sonya Carson did jobs to raise her kids.

She wasn’t educated but didn’t rely on any kind of tuition system; instead she successfully roused love for books in her kids.

If an uneducated mother can play such a decisive role in the life of her kids, then why can’t women with degrees and prestigious position in society play their effective role in betterment of the studies of their kids?

Anything can happen, but for that we the women need to realize the importance of our roles as mothers.

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  1. Asghar says

    Very impressed with such an idiotic article from a lady who is involved in ‘Education’. Why is it a mother’s responsibility only. Why can’t you advocate that parental responsibility should be equally shared. At the end of the day why all problems are blamed upon women and that too from a woman. Sending children for tuition doesn’t mean that they are neglectful of their parental responsibilities. A very narrow minded and judgemental article.

    1. Madeeha says

      Thank you for your time in reading and commenting. You’re right and I agree that the child is the responsibility of both parents and what I want to say is that that if a mother is educated then she should find some time to educate her child.

  2. wellwisher says

    Dear Madeeha.
    You have pointed out a very important aspect in motherhood, and I would like to share another one.
    Raising up a well mannered child with perfect psychological health is as important as a well educated person.. It may be the toughest jobs to do in an unorganized society such as ours, but it will reward the parents themselves before any one else.

    1. Madeeha says

      Much thanks for reading and sharing your thoughts. You’re so very right about this aspect of raising well mannered child with perfect psychological health in an unorganized society.

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